If you’re hunter then you know that it takes not just a lot of skill but also a lot of preparation for you to become a good hunter.

This is where a DIY tree stand would come in handy since hunting deer is another challenge in itself.

Deer are very smart animals and are hard to find, especially if you know you’re out there and the fact they can see you way before you can see them.

Using these stands will not only help ease the whole adventure, but it will transport your deer hunting into a whole other level thanks to all the benefits you get with this DIY stand.

These DIY deer tree stands come in different shapes and sizes as to satisfy the needs of every hunter since everyone hunts in a different way and has different requirements and needs.

Follow along if you’d like to find out more about how you can make these stands yourself, you’ll also find step-by-step guides, free building plans, diagrams, pictures of the final result,

The Best DIY tree stand Ideas

a list of the materials you will need, and extra resources that will for sure come in handy once you begin this adventure.

Enough talk and let’s get right into it!

Deer Blind

The Best DIY tree stand Ideas

The deer blind is a 6×6 deer stand that is capable of hosting several hunters all at the same time. The stand also has windows in all 4 directions in order to give you the visibility you will need to hunt your deer.

Following this link will take you to the My Outdoor Plans website in which you’ll find all the necessary information to build it on your own. The website also provides visuals that will make the whole process easier.

Octagon Deer Blind

The Octagon deer blind is raised off the ground and has a ladder entrance attached to it. This deer blind is a good option to go for if you don’t have a tree where you’d like to build it since it doesn’t need one for support.

The instructions to make this deer blind are the most thorough and easiest to follow. This is because you can download a PDF file from the following link and you’ll find all the information you need to build it. The PDF file contains a lot of visuals, drawings, and measurements to make sure everything you do is right.


DIY Deer Shooting Blind

This is another elevated deer hunting blind that has big openings to make your viewing angles better. Building it isn’t difficult at all as there are a lot of diagrams, instructions, and visuals you can follow in order to build it.

DIY Deer Shooting Blind

Tower Box Deer Hunting Stand

This is a more advanced deer stand. It has two layers, one of which is open, and the other is more closed off for protection from everything that is around you as the pictures clearly shows.

Free Deer Stand Plans offers a lot of detailed instructions to build this one as easily and quickly as possible.

Scheierl Deer Stand

This deer stand design is to be built alongside an existing tree. You can get to the platform that is way high up from the ground using the built-in ladder. There are 14 overall steps that you need to follow to build this one, and it just happens that everything is compiled in one image as well as the materials you’ll need.

Tree Stand from Musket Hunting

This tree stand from Musket Hunting has a design that is quite unique, yet simple and straight to the point. This is one of the sturdiest tree stands because it is literally built on top of a tree. You can get a ladder to help you get you on top and you can take it away when you’re done. This tutorial from Musket Hunting is more than helpful.

Small DIY Deer Blind

If you’re a hunter who loves to go out alone in the wild and really experience the wilderness on your own, then this is the deer blind for you. From How to Specialist, this deer blind design is a very small one that has room only for one person at any given time. The blind has 360° view which will give you advantage and visibility over anything that is surrounding you.

Going to this Page will allow you to follow all the instructions and tutorials that will show you how to build this thing. It also has a list of the materials you will need, and some finishing tips to make sure what you built is as perfect as possible.

DIY Box Blind for Deer Hunting

This one is a more robust deer hunting blind that is guaranteed to withstand a lot of harsh environments. Something which you will need if you’re going to be spending long durations of time in the wild.

It has all the visibility you will need as a hunter, it doesn’t look shiny so it that isn’t scare off any animals, and it blends right in with everything else in the nature. Following the instructions on The Outdoor Texan, this whole process will take nothing more than 10 hours, and a total cost of around $100.

Two-Level Deer Stand

As the name suggests, this deer stand has two platforms to it that will help you get two different elevations depending on what you need for the day. The lower one at 6 feet off the ground is open and doesn’t protect you from anything, but the one that is at 15 feet off the ground is well-protected and has view over its 4 directions. Of course, this deer stand needs an existing tree for stability.

Free Deer Stand Plans has you covered with 5 parts that will walk you through the whole process of building your deer stand. Getting all the materials and equipment you’ll need to get this up and ready, you’ll need to spend around $150.

Free 2-Level Deer Stand.

Deer Tree Stand

This deer tree stand is literally built around a tree, so that should let you know how necessary it is for a tree to exist where you need to build this thing. The tree stand has a hand trail as well as a ladder attached to it. Building this tree stand will require a 16-foot ladder as well as some other materials and equipment that you’ll find on the Hydrogen Electronics website.

Once you get to the tutorial, you’ll also find extra details concerning over 10 images of the actual tree stand, building instructions, and some extra illustrations.

Deer Tree Stand.

Ultimate Economy Deer Hunting Stand

Hunting can be expensive, all the equipment, the rifles, the shells and maintenance, it can be quite an ordeal. If you happen to be hunting on a budget, then you should consider this deer stand. It doesn’t offer any protection from wind or anything, but it does lift you more than 8 feet off the ground.

The deer stand has a ladder attached to it, as well as a chair on top for some comfort since you’ll be spending quite some time in there. Building this stand shouldn’t cost you anything more than $50, so it is very much worth it.

Ultimate Economy Deer Hunting Stand.


We hope this article was beneficial for you and wish you bets of luck building your favorite tree stand.

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