The seasonal shift into spring is many things but it’s mainly a great opportunity for little ones to engage in instructive interactive activities. It’s the perfect time for them to learn about life, nature, and their environment by a adopting a more hands-on approach. However younger children are more prone to illnesses, so in order not to compromise their immune systems, here is a list of spring activities that might interest your kids, based on environmental literacy without involving any planting.

Spring Activities for Pre-Schoolers

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Spring Activities for Pre Schoolers

Spring Movement Games : 

One of the things parents really need to focus on when their children are still quite young is their motor skills. These movement games allow for just that, with minimal preparation and supplies required. They are also ideal for play dates seeing as they can engage more than one person at once.

Setting up the game can be an activity in and of itself, cut out some felt or construction paper flowers and let the children glue them to craft sticks, when they’re all done, place them in a cup or a flower pot to stay on theme. Assign 4 different letters to 4 different places in the playing area and the same 4 letters to 4 groups of the flowers. The children will then have to pick a flower and move to the assigned area.

Spring Splat Art :

What is splat art you may be asking yourself ? Well, think Jackson Pollock but for children (gross oversimplification of course). It’s easy as can be, doesn’t require many supplies, and is a great activity to engage with along with your child that can also double as bonding. It’s an opportunity to let loose, break the rules a little, and get messy. All you’ll need are some paint, sheets of paper, paintbrushes of or old tooth brushes, maybe some gloves.

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Take lead by showing your kid how to splash the paint on the paper using the brushes, and let their imagination run wild. If it’s a special occasion, you can splurge on a canvas and hang up the final product after you’re little one’s signed it. Also make sure that none of you are wearing any fancy clothes that may be ruined in the process.

Re-telling a Spring Story with Puppets : 

Puppets are universal beloved means of entertainment that have transcended generations and stood the test of time. Whether it’s sock puppets or elaborate, Sesame-street style puppets, children love them in all their forms.  So take advantage of your little one’s fertile imagination, and stage a little puppet show telling their favorite spring story.

If you don’t have any hand puppets, grab some clean socks that you may not use anymore, and some non toxic marker and decorate your sock puppet with your kid before starting the show. You can either choose to perform the story or engage your kid and have them participate in the story-telling as well. One thing for sure is that your little one will love it !

Flower Play-dough :

Play-dough along with puppets is one of those childhood staples that no generation has escaped. However a new trend has been to make your own. This is not only a very sustainable waste-free approach, but also a great way to personalize your play-dough.

There are many recipes you can find online. With your finished product, we suggest adding some fresh colorful flowers to stay on the spring theme. You can then invite your little one to flatten the dough, carefully using a rolling pin, and the using flower cookie cutter, cut out the shape, and use that to make flowers.

Spring Beginning Sounds Activity

This activity may seem like it requires a more complex set of supplies, however it’s well worth it ! It can be incredibly beneficial for your little one by allowing them to associate images to letters and words. You’ll need some construction paper, which you’ll use to make flowers. On each petal write down a letter. You’ll also need small animal figurines or stickers. The just of game is for the children to place the stickers or figurines of an animal that starts with a certain letter on said letter.

Coffee Filter Butterflies :

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This little arts and crafts project is super easy and only requires some chenille stems, coffee filters, and some markers or water-colors. Using the markers of water-colors, have the kids decorate their coffee filters. Leave them to dry a little bit and then twist a chenille stem

around the middle, scrunching it all up to look like a pretty butterfly that you can then hang in your car perhaps.

Butterfly Farming:

Spring is the perfect occasion for children small kids to get acquainted with the wonder of nature through learning about the cycle of life. A butterfly’s metamorphosis and life span can prove to be quite fascinating for little ones, which is why getting a chance to raise them can be such great experience.

All you’ll need is a ready-made butterfly raising kit and a cup of caterpillars. Follow the instructions and there you have yourself a very instructive experience for your children.

More Activities for Spring:

Painting with vegetables : 

To make things clear, we are not encouraging waste culture here. All we’re saying is if you ever have any sprouted potatoes or limp carrots in your pantry, you can carve out different shapes and use them as stamps. With a little paint and paper your children can make beautiful masterpieces that can go up on the fridge.

Flower Petal Collage : 

Flowers are THE spring staple. In the event that you have some flowers going a bit limp, have your kids harvest the petals, and then using some glue make a colorful collage on some construction paper of a canvas if you’re feeling fancy.


There are so many ways to have kids enjoy spring time, these were only some suggestions. Feel free to play with them and adjust them to your own needs.