looking for some Pirate Crafts Ideas for Kids right ?Who in the world doesn’t like pirates? For one thing, your kids are going to have the best time of their lives.

if you decide to throw them a pirate-themed party and have them enjoy themselves along with their best friends, siblings, or cousins.

Not only that, you can make pirate crafts together at basically no cost and you’ll see how everyone will have an absolute blast.

So, enough talk and let’s check out 3 easy pirate craft projects that you can start doing with your kids or students right now!

Handprint Pirate

Pirate Crafts Ideas for Kids


The handprint pirate craft idea is very easy to do and your kids will really love the end result.

You will need 3 brushes, black, peach, and red paint. First, paint your thumb and bottom of your palm with red paint. Second, paint the middle of your palm with the peach paint, to simulate skin color. Then you can paint the rest of your fingers along with the top of your palm with the black paint.

After that, you can either use white and black paint to draw the eyes on top of the peach paint, or you can get some googly eyes and stick them there. Now all that is left to do is to draw the mouth at the top of the palm. Get some white paint, paint the mouth and use black paint to draw teeth lines.

Pirate Eye Patch

If your kids like to play make believe and like to pretend they are pirates themselves, then this is exactly what you should go for.

These eye patches are very easy to make and will take a few minutes of your time only.

The first thing you’re going to need to do is draw an eye patch on a piece of cardboard, cut the piece out but make sure it isn’t too small. If it’s too big, you can always make it smaller but not vice versa.

Make a cut from one side to the center of the eyepatch just like the picture below.

Now, you’re going to lift one side of the cut over the other, and stick them using a stapler.

You can use a black permanent marker to paint it. But if you want it to look more realistic you should probably go with black paint instead.

Finally, use the sharp end of a knife to make 2 small holes on each side of the eyepatch. Then, use a small length of black elastic to make the whole thing stay on your head, and voilà!

Pirate Flag

If your kids want to play pretend they are pirates, then having a pirate flag is a must. No respectable pirate can live without his or her flag, and making one is easier than ever.

Get a piece of black cloth that you’ll use as the background. Draw the borders of a skull and cut it out of it, and stick it on the black cloth. Do the same for the two bones.

Finally, take a piece of red cloth, cut it just like you can see in the picture above, and use glue to stick it to the black cloth, and you’re done.

You can either hang it somewhere, or use a pole to wave it like a flag.


We hope that this article was very beneficial for you and your children, make sure you don’t do this all by yourself and get your kids’ help, it is a wonderful bonding activity.

Eye eye captain!

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