The series of children’s books, “Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons”, has an underlying strong message that is “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. That’s why I love reading it to my child, who cries over every little thing that goes wrong.

The repeating line from the four groovy buttons book is a repeating line in our household as well.

“Did Pete cry? Goodness no! Buttons come and buttons go.”

Pete the Cat’s costume can be the perfect costume for your kid on Literacy Week, Book Character Day, Halloween, or any other costume party.

In the Four Groovy Buttons book, Pete wears:

– A yellow shirt with long sleeves and a collar

– Four groovy (meaning large) buttons each of them are colored in teal, dark blue, green, and red

– Optional red sneakers.

– Pete is barefoot for most of the book and usually wears white socks, but the opening page shows him wearing his famous red sneakers, which he also wears in several of his other books.

– Pete has blue fur, a white nose, and yellow eyes.

Do not rush to a cosplay costumes store looking for a ready-to-go costume and buying, no matter how tempting and easy this might seem. DIY IT!

Here’s why you should DIY a costume for your kid:

– A DIYed costume is original and special.

– You can make your child contribute to the making of the costume.

– This will not only make them learn from the experience, but it will also add value and meaning to the costume.

– The experience will create a unique childhood memory.

– It’s cheap and might even be free (if you have all the material available at home).

– Pete is the coolest cat ever and to DIY a costume for your kid will be so much fun.

– It will make your child happy and proud.

Let’s get to the making now. Shall we?

To make the costume you’ll need:

– A paper box (a recycled one)

– Pieces of fabric in blue, teal, green, and red (or any other available colors)

– A blue onesie/jumpsuit (or a pair of blue sweatpants and a sweater)

– A piece of soft blue felt fabric

– A yellow t-shirt

– Scissors;

– Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks;

– A needle and blue thread;

– Blue felt;

– Some makeup.

– Note: If you don’t want to go through cutting and gluing, although you’ll be missing out some fun, just replace the first two elements with big buttons in colors.

To make buttons:

– Trace and cut four circles from an empty cereal box.

– Wrap and glue the fabric in blue, teal, green, and red to each of the cardboard circles.

– Paint on buttonholes with white or black paint.

– Attach the yellow t-shirt with glue. Easy!

For the tail:

– Cut two curled tailpieces from soft blue felt and sew them making a hollow tail.

– Stuff it with newspapers, felt scraps, or poly-fil.

– Attach to the back of the jumpsuit or sweatpants with a safety pin, or sew it using a blue thread.

For the cat ears:

– Cut the blue felt into 2 triangles (in a shape of ears);

– Cut another piece in shape of a headband;

– Measure the headband around the head of the person who is going to wear the costume and sew it closed so it fits nicely.

– Then sew the ears on the headband and you’re all set.

How to put the costume together:

– First, put on the blue onesie/jumpsuit;

– Wear the yellow buttoned t-shirt on top;

– Put some makeup on your baby’s face; yellow eye-shadow around the eyes to imitate Pete’s yellow eyes, draw whiskers on their cheeks, and color their nose in white.

– Put on the Cat ears headband and you’re almost done.

For the final touch:

– There are so many Pete the Cat stories out there. So this costume can go a million ways.

– Put on some yellow sunglasses.

– Add a pair of red shoes to complete the costume.

– A blow-up guitar, a skateboard, or any of the items Pete the Cat carried in any of the book series.

– Be flexible with the instructions and display your innovative side.

Pete The Cat Costume DIY for Kids

Now that you’ve learned what you need to make Pete the Cat’s costume, how-to DIY it and why you should do it for your kids, we hope both your child and you will be happy about the look you’ll end up with.

This costume will make your kid stand out and look funny and adorable at the same time.

Make sure your “little Pete” is comfortable in the costume, and take them to enjoy their costume party.