If you’re thinking of a Halloween costume for your child, then nothing would work better than a Crayon costume. And you can even make it yourself!

Featuring the brand name of everybody’s favorite crayons, these Crayola costumes are guaranteed to spark the imagination of anybody who sees it, making them a fantastic alternative for everybody who’s still a kid at heart.

While making it, you get to have all the fun and learn a few things on the way. So, why not do it?

Making a crayon costume for your kids today is a different process from what it used to be.

You can guarantee the children will have a whole lot of fun.

Let’s get down to the things you will need to start making your costume!

Things You Will Need

–          1-2 Yards of Felt (any color would work)

–          Fabric Glue

–          Black Felt

–          Birthday Party Hat

–          Scissors

As you could see, the tools you will need are very easy to get and won’t cost much money.


The first thing you need to do is measure your kid from shoulder to knee. Double that length and use it to cut the felt. (This is because the colored felt will be folded in half). The folded side will become the top of the outfit.

After that, use your scissors to cut a triangle at the top of the felt. The cutout will be for your kid’s head.

3rd, use the fabric glue to glue the sides of the felt. But leave about 11 inches unglued at the top so your kid will use them as armholes.

Now, fold the whole things inside out, so that glue seam is on the inside and isn’t visible.

At this point, you will have some colored felt left; use that to cover the birthday cone hat.

Now it’s time to use the black felt. Cut out 2 rectangles the width of the costume. Then, make a cut in half lengthwise but in a squiggly line. Glue every two pieces to the top and bottom of the costume, as the picture below shows.

How to Make Crayon Costumes for Kids

Now, print the Crayola logo on a piece of paper. Use an A3 paper, but if you don’t have it, you can print the first 4 letters from the logo on one paper, and the remaining 3 on a different one. This will be used in the next step.

Cut a big oval shape from the black felt, and use the logo you printed to make a cutout for C R A Y O L A.

You can bet your children will absolutely love this costume. What’s more is that if you happen to have a gathering where there are a lot of kids, you can make several crayon costumes, each in a different color!


We hope that you have enjoyed and learned from this tutorial article. It has been very much fun to write, and I can’t wait to see your own creations in the comments below!