How to Appreciate your Teacher ?

If you want to surprise your teacher with a special gift, teacher appreciation printable is the best choice.

Teachers all over the world are doing a great job. If teaching is an Olympic sport, teachers would be gold medalists.

The teacher has one major mission, mainly to make their students’ problems solved.

They’re also responsible for delivering ideas and information to their students, as well as teaching them life skills and lessons.

Most importantly, teachers and students should develop a relationship where students can rely on their teachers.

The role of a teacher in the students’ life is to inspire them to be lifelong learners, to be always curious and hungry for new information.

How to Appreciate your Teacher

From May 7th to May 11th, students celebrate their teachers by offering them gifts, songs, letters, etc. to show love and appreciation to their beloved teachers, although this should be done every day.

Today,  in this article, we will give you some quick and easy ways where you can appreciate the teacher in your life. So, enough talk, let’s jump right into it!

Teacher Questionnaire

How to Appreciate your Teacher

This teacher questionnaire comes in two different colors, blue and pink.

You can choose one, depending on your teacher’s gender.

Or you can use any other theme you want, again depending on what subject he or she teaches you.

Personalized Gift Packages

There are several customized gift packages that you can purchase online, or you can create it on your own to make it more unique, and by doing so you will show your beloved teachers that you really care and love them.

A basket Full of Presents 

This one appreciation gift is more precious and meaningful.

The content varies, of course, if your teacher is female, you would want to add perfume, roses, maybe some makeup, hand and body creams, etc.

whereas, if your teacher is male, you would want to add men perfume, perhaps a watch, a personalized pen, etc.

If you have any doubts about what your teacher loves, you can ask them or if you want it to be a surprise, ask their relatives.

Small Handwritten Message Appreciation from All Students 

You can gather with your classmates, take pieces of papers, and each one of you writes a loving and cute message appreciations to their teachers.

You can write quotes that you can find online or just write what do you feel for your teacher.

Mugs that have students’ signatures

This one is super is to do. You can buy a mug of any form you like, a marker, and gather your friends, write your names on the cup and offer them to your teacher.

Although it sounds natural and straightforward to do, your teacher will undoubtedly appreciate it.

Personalized Mugs 

These types of mugs are funny and will make your teacher laugh out loud.

You can personalize it how you like and add your teacher’s name or something funny he says in class.

You will both laugh at this.

You can also add some chocolate, sweets, flowers, or coffee capsules inside the mug. It’s going to be amazing for an appreciation and funny gift.

DIY Red Pencil Mason Jar

For this gift, you will need a red mason jar, and take a paper, a cardstock or something a little bit fancy, as well as a string.

You can customize it by writing a brief message to your teacher, you will also need pencils. You can decorate it as you wish.

This particular gift is adorable and practical. Your teacher can reuse the cup and use the pencils as well. Your teacher will absolutely love it.

A break is well-deserved. 

You can show appreciation to your teacher by gifting them a KitKat with an appreciation print that shows they deserve a break.

Teachers do put in a lot of work and effort, so, they deserve to take breaks.

This little appreciation idea is super easy and will absolutely make your teacher happy.

Bake for your Teacher

How to Appreciate your Teacher

Baking is another way to show appreciation to your teachers.

You can bake a cake and make it special by adding something customized to it, it could be your teacher’s name or the name of the subject, etc.

You can offer them donuts that you can bake or just buy them from a bakery, and customize it by using an appreciation card, like in this picture above.

 Bubble Wraps to Relief Stress 

This particular gift is funny, your teacher will absolutely laugh at it.

Bubble wraps are always entertaining and relieve stress, they can pop it when they’re stressed in class, it will calm them down (yes, really!).

You can send an appreciation message where you apologize for making your teacher stress out.

 You were MINT to Teach Plant Pot

Now, this one is really emotional and heartwarming, and is super easy to make, you can buy herbs, a pot, some soil, and a cord.

When done, add a customized card that matches the herb you choose.

You can print the following herb tags to customize your plant.

Creative Juices

This gift Is fun as well. It is easy to do if you follow the next steps.

You will need:

And some cups like the following:

You can find them online; they are cheap between $3-5 each

You will need creative juices printables:

You can sign your name in these cards and glue them inside the cup, add some candy or chocolates and decorate it as you wish, using the string ribbons.

2 Nice 2 Be 4 Forgotten

We all have or had a teacher who is remarkable and cannot be forgotten.

Good teachers are never forgotten. They make their students laugh, they listen to them, they share stories with them, and they will never give up on them.


A healthy relationship between a teacher and a student is so important. We hope these appreciation printables will draw a smile on your teacher’s faces.

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