Do you have a lot of headbands but struggling with how and where to store them?

Today I will show you how to make these adorable baby headbands holder by yourself, in only a couple of minutes!

It’s so easy to make a DIY headband holder, that you can make them in just a few minutes without spending much money. In addition, children will have a lot of fun helping. You can either make it together with them or wrap it up as a present for a baby shower someday! This can be such a wonderful idea for a kids’ birthday party too! With this tutorial, you will learn how to make a very simple ruffle technique. This DIY Headband tutorial is the best way to start your winter projects.

This DIY is easy, and just about anyone can follow along the steps and make a great headband holder. Not only are these things fun to make, but thanks to them, you can easily find your own hair accessories. One more thing, don’t forget to make one headband holder per season or as your heart desires.


  • a 42 oz. empty container (the base);
  • glue gun;
  • glue sticks;
  • spray paint;
  • paper or fabric;
  • needles and threads;


make sure you have a safe table to work on that you are able to spread your items.

I personally use command strips to hang them on the wall. If you do that, make sure your headband holder is attached to something else that will stick to the wall, and is stuck horizontally. You can follow many sewing techniques.

In using interlace, you’re going to be finishing each block before continuing on to the next, instead of working across all sets at the same time, as you normally do when knitting. This method has proven to be both simple and easy to learn, even to beginners. Nothing should really be holding you back.

If you decide you don’t want to sew anything, you can use paper and some spray paint, to make things look exactly how you want them to. After you’re done, taking away the wrinkles should be rather straightforward, just smooth them down with your palms.

It can be done in less than one hour, leaving you enough time to go wild and put some style on your headband holder.

We set each bow so that your baby girl headbands will continue to look new and clean. And you can even add your scarves, customize this headband organizer to coordinate with the decor in your or your kids’ bedroom, or you can ask THEM what color they’d like to have, before you even decide on anything.


You can buy the headbands holders everywhere. But making them on your own gives them the “handmade” value, gives you some fun, and you can get creative with it and make customized ones.

If you’re using then as a gift, having crafted them yourself feels extra special.

We’d really like to hear any tips you may want to share with us!