It’s a known thing that we all love mermaid crafts. Our team has put together some of the Honest Mermaid Crafts Kids Will Love, they could find on the internet, since we thought you would make use of them and have as much fun as possible.

We will break up this post into two categories: mermaid crafts for kids, and mermaid crafts for adults as well! You will find that some of our adults’ selections are actually made for kids, but a lot of adults can enjoy them just as much. Some other ones are actually made for adults and will be very much enjoyed. Because you know, it’s not just kids that love mermaid crafts!

These mermaids are magical creatures you’ll soon realize how much kids love them and keep dreaming about them, and sometimes even pretend to be them. That’s why we put together this list of 15 magical mermaids that we think your kids will totally fall in love with.

You can be very sure that these crafts will fuel all your kids’ imagination and bring out their underwater exploration curiosity.

Going for a day at the beach? Perfect! These are the exact activities your kids will enjoy there.

Magazine Mermaid Cutouts

Honest Mermaid Crafts Kids Will Love

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These magazine mermaid cutouts are extremely fun to play and make for the kids. Your kids will get the chance to create their own mermaid however they want it.

Painted Mermaid Tail

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This painted mermaid tail is very fun to make and will even help train your kids’ motor skills.

Design Your Own Mermaid

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In this activity, your kids can use their own hands to design and make their mermaid however they imagined it. You guessed it right, this is a wonderful training to make your kids use their imagination and help improve it.

Sparkly Mermaid Invitation

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If you and your kids are ever throwing a mermaid-theme party, then there is no better way to invite people than making these wonderful, sparkly mermaid invitations. They fit the theme perfectly, and are a lot of fun for you and your kids to make at home. It’s a great bonding activity that just happens to be beneficial for your kids’ motor skill.

Fun Mermaid Collage

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As you can see from the picture above, this mermaid collage is very easy for your kids to make at home. Not only that, but it’s actually so magical it will transport into their favorite magical place: underwater!

Shell Necklaces

Nothing will ever beat how magical this shell necklace is. It fits the theme of the underwater world and mermaids, and is very beautiful for both adults and kids to wear. Making it, is a whole lot of fun that you can experience with your little ones.

Mermaid Shell Bath Bomb

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If you’re finding it hard to convince your kids to take their showers, then we’ve got just the right solution for you. This Mermaid Shell Bath Bomb is going to make them crave showering because of how fun it will make it.

Sock Mermaid Tail

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If your kids really want to be mermaids one day, then that day has come. These socks are super easy to make and will make your kids look exactly how they’ve always wanted to look.

Torn Paper Invitation

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If you’re having a mermaid-themed party, then this is another way to make the invitations. They are just as fun to make and have a unique touch to them.

Cardboard Roll

If you got a few cardboard rolls laying around, then this is the perfect opportunity for you and your kids to make some art out of them. You can even use toilet paper cardboard rolls and start styling. Guaranteed fun!

Mermaid Wand

If you’ve already made a mermaid costume for your children, then all that is left is a wand to perfect the look and make it more complete.

No-Sew Mermaid Tails

See how the little kids in the photo look? That’s how yours will look after you make this no-sew mermaid tail for them.

Paper Sack Mermaid Puppet

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This paper puppet is a really easy one to make and the kids will absolutely love it.

Mermaid Plush Dolls

Just look how cute these dolls are! Your can guarantee your children will love it and enjoy playing with them very much!

Sewn Mermaid Tails

These sparkly, gorgeous, sewn mermaid tails will last your kids very long so they can enjoy wearing them when they have friends around.


These mermaid crafts are some absolute fun your kids can have at home or elsewhere. We hope you and your kids have as much fun as possible making and playing with these crafts!

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