The holidays. The holidays is one of those words that you don’t just say or hear; it’s one of those words that you can also smell and taste. Some smells and tastes are just inherently linked to the holidays. Pumpkin spice, apple pie, and most importantly, the emblematic gingerbread.

Gingerbread and gingerbread men are holiday staples, so much so that I’m certain that baking supply sales hike up considerably during the holiday season. And understandably so since gingerbread men are not only adorable and delicious, but they’re also a super fun interactive activity to make.

If you want to stick to the tradition of holiday gingerbread-man making, but maybe also add a modern twist to it, here are 10 gingerbread-man craft ideas for your enjoyment :

Pop-up Gingerbread-man Card

If you’re planning on giving card these holidays, a gingerbread-man pop-up card is ideal ! All you need is a regular greeting card, and some cutout gingerbread-men that you can decorate however you wish. Arrange three of he figures so that they pop up when the card is open and there you have it !Felt Gingerbread-man

This little project is a great idea for a tree ornament. It may not be great for your child to do as it may require some sewing, however, you can do it in front of the and take suggestions from them as to how to decorate it.

Gingerbread man Paper-bag Puppet

Brown paper bags, such a pain. They’re always around the house, making everything look messy, and to be honest, quite useless. Well what if I told you that there’s aw ay for you to use all those paperboys you have lying around the house. With just a few supplies, you can cut them into shape and decorate them using Sharpie or colored paper, and you’ve got yourself the perfect little brown paper bag gingerbread-men.

Paper-plate Gingerbread Men 

Once again, this is a great way to upcycle a seemingly useless household items. All you need is colored paper, markers and more decorations like ribbons and pompoms if you wish.

Stuffed Gingerbread man and woman

All you’ll need for this is some craft paper or felt that your children can cut into shape, stuff, staple shut and then decorate as they wish. It’s a great way for them to not only be creative but also practice their motor skills.

Popsicle Stick Ginger Bread Male

Popsicle sticks are an arts and crafts staple, so you’re probably not surprised to hear that they can also be used in this context. All you’ll need is craft paper, glue, and popsicle sticks. After cutting the paper into circles, proceed by glueing it to the sticks, and hen decorate as you please.

Gingerbread-man Clay Ornament

This is also a great way for little ones to improve their motor skills. Working with clay can really help they hand-eye coordination, and arm muscles. And the great thing is that at the end of this project you’ll have yourself a beautiful ornament to keep for years to come.

Ginger Bread Male Lacing Cards

This is a nice little idea to keep your little ones busy. Have them make a paper gingerbread-man and then punch some holes along the edges. You can then give them back the gingerbread-man and a shoelace and have them lace it around the edges.

Hot Cocoa Gingerbread-man Craft

This is a nice little idea for your little one to give away as a present. It’s probably better to be done with felt, but when done right, it turns out super cute.

Ginger Bread Gentleman Puppet Craft

What you’ll need are some straws (preferably non-plastic), some cardboard, and some decoration supplies. Put it all together and you’ve got yourself the prettiest puppets, and a super show !

These are some simple ideas to carry out the long lived tradition of gingerbread-men. We hope that you and your little ones will enjoy them !