Whenever you talk about math, you will probably hear groans and sighs from all the children in the house. They hate it because it isn’t fun and takes a lot of time and energy. Unless you know how to make it fun!

Your kids will have so much fun doing these fun math activities that we have in store for you. What’s even better about this is that it won’t be stressful nor boring, they’ll actually be enjoying it and learning at the same time because these activities are so much fun.

Let’s jump straight to these activities that you can start doing with your children or students right now!

Roll the Dice to Count and Move

Fun Math Activities For Kids

Grab a dice, a small wooden cube and write a few activities on the latter such as jump, clap, stop, and more. Then roll the wooden cube with a pair of dice. The kids will then have to add them up and do the activity on the wooden dice the amount of times on the pair of dice.

You can even use subtraction if you want to teach them that!

Jump on Your Math Facts Practice

First, lay out a grid like the one in the picture containing number answers to the flashcards you’re using right now.

You can use tape or chalk or anything that’s useful (and removable).

The game is like this, two kids face off, you show them a flashcard, and they have to race to be the first to step on the answer.

Run a Flashcard Race

Tape a series of flashcards on the floor (like the picture above) and challenge the kids to who can correctly make their way from start to finish first.

Before they start racing, they should either call out the correct answers or write them down. They can either race side by side or independently against their own best time.

Tell Time on a Giant Clock

Draw a giant clock on the playground (don’t forget the minutes, too) using chalk. Then, choose two kids, one to be the hours and the other to be the minutes.

Call out a time and send them out to be the clock. This will teach them how to tell time.

You can make things more fun by having them add or subtract from the initial time.

Head out on a Plot Graph Scavenger Hunt

Create a map of your neighborhood, school, or playground using a graph paper. Then you can choose plot points for them to visit in which they’ll find notes or small prizes that you left for them there.

Create a Life-Size Number Line

Make a number line that is big enough for kids to stand and jump around on. You can use chalk to do this. Your kids will love this and they’ll end up doing this activity more than once.

Do a Number Dance

If your kids love Dance Revolution they’ll absolutely enjoy this activity.

Make a number mat for each kid (or student) like in the picture, then flash an equation with an answer between 10 and 99.

When kids figure out the answer, they have to put their left foot on the correct place, and right on the wrong ones.

It’s a fun, and educational way to learn, dance and spin around!

Make a Splash with Water Balloons

This game might get you soaked, or just a little wet.

Fill balloons with water and label from 1 to 20. Draw the numbers in a big circle on the ground, then pick a could to choose a balloon, find the matching number, and make a splash!

Measure the Height of a Tree

Kids will love the fact they can now measure a tree without climbing it.

Check out this link for the full steps: https://fromabcstoacts.com/outdoor-stem-measure-tree-height/

Count and Learn on a Nature Walk

Take a hike and practice basic math with your kids on the way. Count trees, flowers, squirrels, or anything you put your eyes on.

Draw a Colorful Math Facts Garden

The kids should draw a basic flower with 10 numbered petals, then write a number to multiply (or subtract, or add) by in the middle, and finally fill the petals with the correct answers.

Hunt for Shapes in the World

Give the kids a sheet with the shapes they should be looking for, then let them roam around the house or at school, and each time they find a shape they get a point.

Steal the Balls with Addition Robbery

The kids will try and see whose basket of balls it is will add up to the highest amount. The trick is that at first they don’t know which ball is worth more points.

Paint and Hide Number Rocks

Have your classroom or kids help you paint rocks, then hide them around the school or the house and make them find it and answer the equations.

Skip Count Along a Hopscotch Board

You can use a hopscotch board for a lot of fun activities, especially if you have a lot of small children to work with.

You can use it for skip counting, the kids will hop along counting either by 2s, 5s, or even 10s.

There are a lot more activities that you can do with this board, check them out here: https://mathgeekmama.com/skip-counting-hopscotch/


These activities can be a lot of fun, but let’s not forget how beneficial and educational they are to the kids. At this age, they’re able to remember almost anything you teach them, which is why it is very  important to take advantage of it by developing their brains with fun activities.

We hope you will try at least one or all of the activities shown above.