Coloring is a fun activity that you can share with your little ones, whether you are a

parent or a teacher. Any kid’s favorite activity would be coloring, which is due to the critical part it plays in every child’s growing up years.

Even adults and elders enjoy coloring. In fact, it’s entertaining, fun, and will keep you and your little ones busy.

However, coloring is not only entertaining and fun. It is much more than that.

It can improve kids’ psychological behavior, helps develop their creative and cognitive skills, make them better hand writers, help them build their confidence, and helps them put their energy into a positive and productive way, and so forth.

It is your job as a parent or teacher to encourage your kids or students to color more.

There are a lot of bookmarks to color that kids or anyone, including the elders, will enjoy. We all know that bookmarks are life savers when we want to keep a page marked. So, we are going to list them to you within this article.

Tips and tricks for a better coloring

Free Printable Bookmarks to Color for Your Kids

Young kids find it difficult to keep their coloring correct.

They struggle and try to stay in those lines. But don’t worry, kiddos, we’ve got you.

There are few tips and tricks you can teach your little ones that will help them fix their coloring, including the following:

  • For every printable, your kid is going to color, teach them to start by making a thicker border around the edges. This will help them to see more of that distinct line.


  • You can draw a glue outlined around the shape of your kid’s drawing. That will create a bump, and your kids will feel that there’s a stopping point. Make sure to let the glue dry, and then your children can color freely.


  • This trick is a cool one. You can use Wikki Stix around the edges of your kid’s drawing, and that will identify where they should stop coloring, and will create the border and bump that will help your little ones stay in the line while coloring.


  • Cross hatching is another smart trick that you can teach your children. The technique is to color one way, and then color the opposite direction so that you get a crosshatch.


Free Printable Bookmarks to Color for Your Kids


  • Read and Grow Bookmark Printable


This particular free printable has a meaningful message that your kid can benefit from.

This printable encourage children to read, and by doing so, they will grow their reading, writing, speaking, and even listening skills.

When mixed with reading, coloring will enable your child to grow and become great learners and achievers.

You can dedicate only 15 minutes per day to your child for reading, and it would be more beneficial if accompanied by coloring.

They will have fun, but they will be learning at the same time. However, the amount of time depends on the level of your little ones. If they like reading, you can add a few minutes.

Rather than that, 15 minutes is sufficient and efficient.


  • Imagine and Dream Bookmark Printables


    Imagination and coloring 

Kids always imagine stuff only they know about.

It could be a Disney movie, a particular cartoon character, a favorite food, etc. and coloring might help them or inspire their imagination even more. It can help them be more creative.

The vision of mixed colors and patterns help your kids to express themselves more and just be themselves, and that’s what you want them to be themselves.

Dreaming and coloring

Parents should share their children’s same dreams.

They should be their children’s number one supporters.

More than just having your hopes and dreams for your children, you should encourage them to follow their dreams.

So, this free printable bookmark will always remind your child to e a dreamer while enjoying coloring.


  • Farm Animal Bookmark Printables


This bookmark is cute and perfect for your little one’s animal book.

You can choose your child’s favorite animal. Here, it can be a sheep, a cow, or a pig. Then, print it and make your kid color it with their favorite colors. And ta-da! They got themselves a new cute bookmark buddy.

You can even use the following bookmarks that come up with encouraging words for your kids.

These words will make your children love and appreciate reading more.

And they are quite funny. Believe me, this will turn your kids into book monsters, they will be more attached to reading, and that’s great.


  • Customized Coloring Bookmarks Printables


With this particular bookmark printable, your kids will feel free to write, draw, color whatever they want.

It comes empty, which means it’s up to them to choose what to do inside. You can teach them how to make some DIY gifts to their teachers, parents, or siblings.


We hope this article came up with some help to you and your little ones. We wish you both happy coloring. Have fun!

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