Want to offer a cute gift to someone precious to your heart, but no gift idea came across your mind? Well, a Keychain can make a precious and a great gift, especially if you make it on your own. A DIY keychain will be unique and special to be gifted to that special someone! so keep reading to discover our best DIY Keychains That Can Serve As Gifts


But still, you are not familiar with how to do it? Don’t worry, in this article, we’ll represent to you the best DIY keychains that will help you make your loved ones really happy and grateful for you because a simple gesture is all that it’s about!


So, read on to discover with us the top 9 DIY keychain gift ideas.


Baby Yoda Keychain

DIY Keychains That Can Serve As Gifts



Materials needed: 

  • Paracord 550: 1×40 cm-16 inches (color of your choice)

1×50 cm-19 inches (color of your choice)

  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Measuring tape
  • Long-nose pliers


Starting with the head, fold the cord in half, and leave a small loop on the top and tie a “diamond knot” (to be adjusted later). Then adjust the loop to the desired length, after that finish the knot. Shape the knot and tighten it slightly.


For the ears, cut about 10cm-4 inches of the cord, and pull the inner strands out. Melt one end to create a needle out of paracord, then thread the cord through the middle of the knot, and tighten it slightly, cut the ends to the same lengths, then shape them into the form of ears. Now, use the long-nose pliers and tighten the knot firmly.

For the body, take the other cord and fold it in half, place the middle behind the center strands and tie the first knot, you’ll need to place the right strand over the left strand and pull the left strand through the loop, tighten the knot firmly and push it towards the “diamond knot”. Then, turn the figure to the backside, place the right strand over the left strand and pull the left strand through the loop. And keep repeating the process…

For the sleeves, cut about 10cm-4 inches of the cord and pull the inner strands out, then rotate the center strands a little. After that, tie a knot by placing the right strand over the left strand and pull the left strand through the loop. Hold the knot with open loops, then place the cord for the sleeves between the center strands and over the loops. Set the sleeves in the desired position and tighten the knot towards the previous one. Then turn back to the previous step of making the body. Make sure you tighten the last knot very firmly. And the final step would be to cut the sleeves to the desired length and melt the ends slightly and carefully. And tada! You get a cute baby Yoda keychain


Leather Tassels

DIY Keychains That Can Serve As Gifts


This handmade leather tassel keychain can serve as a good gift. You can make them in all special and unique sizes and shapes.


Materials needed are: 

  • A piece of nice and soft leather (cut it depending on the tassel you’re going to need)
  • To make the loop: leather lacing
  • For toppers: some brass hardware ( compression sleeves and compression nuts)
  • Some tacky glue
  • Rotary cutter
  • A cutting mat
  • A ruler
  • A pen


Start by cutting the leather using the pen and the ruler, make sure that the shiny side of the leather is going to be the outside of the tassel. Then draw a line about half an inch from the top, take your pen and draw the line around the top, this line will show you where to stop cutting your fringe.


After that, take your rotary cutter and your ruler and depending on you’re a right or a left, about an eight-inch at the end, start cutting the material and stop where the line is, and you just keep repeating that until you get to the end of your leather, it will all be fringed. Make sure to always use a rotary cutter because the scissor won’t give the same straight parallel line.


Once your fringe is cut all the way cross, grab your leather lacing and then you’ll be ready to make the loop. Using the tacky glue, add a few drops to the ends to make sure they stick together.


Then by starting on the left side, add a nice big drop of the glue to the very end, this will make sure that the loop is secured inside the tassel, then attach it to the end of your fringe and carefully wrap your leather by pressing very tightly and start rolling the edge of the leather, then start measuring your topper that will fit best, after that take a little bit of glue and put it at the very end and then wrap it tightly, place it over the loop before it dries and gently screw it down until it fits.




Although this one keychain seems to be a little bit difficult, it’ll be easier if you follow the steps one by one.


 Materials needed are: 

  • 2 Ribbons of different colors of your choice (2cm each)
  • Scissors


And voilà! Easy right?

Wine Cork



This particular keychain is chic and looks classy, you can give it to your pal, girlfriend/boyfriend, or your bestie…


Materials needed: 

  • Neoprene washers (2, different sizes) (optional)
  • Wine cork
  • Screw (optional)
  • Eye screw

This DIY does not require a lot of effort. It takes only simple steps to do it. Catch them below!



Wooden Beads Keychains



You can be creative with this keychain DIY, you can draw many things on the empty beads, your touch will make it more special.


Materials needed:   

  • Beads made of wood
  • Key rings
  • Leather string
  • Paint and brushes
  • Markers of different colors to make it look cheerful
  • Scissors
  • And chopsticks


The idea is simple, take your beads and decorate them as you wish, then cut a piece of leather. Take your leather and slide it onto the key ring, make one side longer than the other and knot them tightly at the top. Then cut the shorter side. After that, start threading your beads, it’s easy, you just slide them on the leather one by one. Once you have them all in place, knot the end tightly. And voilà!


Tiny cute diary book


For book or mini diaries book lovers, this one cute small keychain DIY is for you!


Materials needed:

  • Papers
  • Cardboard
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Clip
  • Fabric


Take a scissor and start cutting your paper to small, equal and rectangular pieces, glue them together, choose a cover as you like it to be, then cut it off to the same size, then glue it to the other papers to make the cover, take a small piece of the same material of the cover, then, make it as a key ring. And then add your special touch to your diary book.


Moustache Keychain


Another easy and special keychain idea to make is this moustache keychain. It requires less material but it’s a good idea if you want to surprise your boyfriend if he’s with moustaches!


Material needed: 

  • Scissors
  • Key ring
  • Leather
  • Stitches
  • Needle and thread


Draw a moustache on the leather twice, it could be of any size you wish. The following step would be to cut them out, take your key ring and strip it and bend it half like the picture below shows:

After that, stew them together. And attach the chain.


Fruits Keychain


Probably this one keychain will attract fruit lovers, chefs, and agriculturers, too! It’s not found in many crafts stores but you can still make it on your own.


Materials needed:  

  • Small rings
  • Polymer clay
  • Pliers
  • Key ring
  • Small chain


For instance, if you want to make an orange, take one piece of orange clay to make the fruit and another of green one to make the leaf, roll them to have small balls, put the orange clay in an orange shape, and the green one in shape as well. Create the small holes by using a toothpick. This is applicable to any fruit shape. Then bake them, once they’re cold, polish them with transparent oil. Take the pliers and pass a small ring through the holes, attach the fruits and leaves together, and attach them to the key ring. And that’s it!


Pom Pom Keychain


This particular keychain is probably the most famous, it’s fun to make and pretty easy, too.


Materials needed: 

  • Spool of tulle
  • Cardstock (paper plate, etc.)
  • Keychain ribbon or string


Take a paper plate, and draw two circles, these circles will be the size of your pom pom, then draw and inner smaller circle, cut the outer circle and the inner circle out, place them together, and rot the spool of tulle around to your desired thickness, then cut in between the two circle pattern, and to hold the tool together, tie in between the cardboard pieces by using a piece of ribbon or string. After that, remove the cardboard and tie the keychain on. And done!



These DIYs are really special and you can make them even more special if you make them based on your own taste. We hope you’ll be able to draw a smile in the person you will present the gift to.

Happy crafting!

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