If you are looking for an easy, productive and fun activity to spend a good time with your children, whether they are preschool, kindergarten, or elementary kids, and make them learn a new skill at the same time, WE GOTCHA!

Let’s make Dinosaur Handprints together!

Shall we?

Dinosaur Handprints Art Activity for Kids

To make Dinosaur Handprints you will need:

  • Canvas (or thick art paper or any   available paper);
  • Washable Paint (to avoid making a permanent mess) choose  bright colors, or your kid’s favorites- if they have any- to get their attention and focus;
  • Paint Brush (optional);
  • Paper plate or a recyclable plastic plate (or any other eco-friendly option);
  • Washable Markers;
  • Wet wipes (to clean up the mess).

Don’t forget, you aren’t in a science lab. You may want to make some adjustments to the tools you are using according to what is available for you and suits your children.

Got your supplies all set?

Let’s put a smile on your kids’ faces.

Dinosaur Handprint Directions:

But first, if there is a big age difference between the children playing, you might want to designate a particular set of colors to each so that all of them end up with a reasonable share of eggs.

Encourage them to work in teams.


Paint your child’s hand with a bright-colored paint.

Help your child press their hand onto the canvas. You can put your hand on top of theirs to prevent them from wiggling their hands.

Gently pull their hand up to avoid smearing the paint. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Paint a tail and add some grass along the bottom of the painting. Using a paintbrush, paint some spikes and spots on the dinosaur. Let dry.

Paint a volcano on the side of the dinosaur and trees or other background images. Let your child’s imagination run free.

Using a black marker, draw the eye, mouth, and toes. Outline the spikes and the spots.

Try to get your child to be more creative and give the dinosaur a name. And sign the name of your kid on the paper.

you don’t have to stick to all the directions above. If your kids want to go wild with all the colorful paints, let them. After all, it is all for and about fun.

This is more than just hours of fun. You are developing a meaningful learning experience that will make fun of childhood memories for your children.

This activity will strengthen your bonds with your kids, and their bonds with each other.

However, it simply will give you a headache and make them fight over paint and brushes LOL.

So keep your nerves in the cool and be patient with your babies.

Make use of your kid’s artwork:

Your kid’s Dinosaur Handprint is an original and unique artwork.

Frame it using a decorative frame to deliver some style and match the furniture.

Hang it in a room of your choice, the kid’s bedroom, the living room or elsewhere, and enjoy the view.

You can also use the final result of your kid’s unique Dinosaur Handprint as a gift for Christmas, mother’s or father’s day, to grandparents… etc.

It is definitely going to be a gift that will make their hearts melt from joy and will make them proud of their young artists.