If you noticed that your kid has been counting all of a sudden, then you should definitely help them along the way to improve their math and counting skills. There are a lot of fun counting games that you can play with your preschoolers to help them practice their 1-2-3s.

If you think this may be a little too advanced for their age, then you’re definitely not concerned. You’ll be totally shocked of what they can do, especially if you use physical items to make them count, their hands for example are one way to do it.

These activities are as simple as challenging. They’ll help your preschoolers count the things they find in nature or around them in the household. Things such as leaves, petals, rocks, glasses, dishes. Or better yet, you can help them count something they already love and enjoy, their toys!

They should learn how to do it fast, and you can even make them sort out what they count (toys, not leaves and petals), which will also help develop their motor skills.

Believe me, once your kids start enjoying counting, you can’t really stop them, you’ll soon see them counting anything and giving you updates about it.

You shouldn’t be limited by the ideas we provided here, you can go overboard and think outside the box. Whatever it is, if it includes counting games then the kids will be all for it!

Make sure you don’t try to force anything on them, that’s not how they’ll be enjoying things, and counting will start to seem like a chore to them.

Here Are 16 Counting Games for Your Preschoolers

These activities really focus on the kids’ counting abilities and skills, or lack thereof, either way, they’ll learn and improve.

You’ll also find a number recognition game and a one to one correspondence.

Counting Activities For Preschoolers

Fun Counting Activities

  1. Roll the dice, count it. Stack the blocks, count them, and repeat. – One to One Correspondence Practice with Dice & Blocks!
  2. Match up the numbers with the corresponding dots after going on a scavenger hunt to find them. – Letter & Number Scavenger Hunt for Preschoolers to Learn!
  3. Graph Legos by counting. – Using Legos to Teach Math & Writing from Crayon Freckles
  4. Dominoes decide which chore to do. Count the dots on the dominoes, and that’s the chore that should be done. – Chore List with Dominoes and Numbers!
  5. Line up the Dominoes by matching their dots, then count how many dots there are. – Learning Activity with Dominoes!
  6. Label a few bottles with numbers and have your preschoolers count them as well as drop pom poms in (or other small objects). – Sort and Count Math Bottles from The Imagination Tree!
  7. The same game as the previous one, but with baby food jars instead of bottles. If your kids love farms and everything related to it, call the jars grain bins and ask them to haul their grain and put it in the bin. Every bin can only as many grains as the number labeled on it. – Number Activity: Learn to Count with Grain Bins!
  8. Draw a simple grid on the sidewalk with numbers and have your kids find that number of objects in nature. – Counting Objects from Nature from Scribble Doodle and Draw!
  9. Making a paper chain and counting down to something exciting (birthdays, holidays, vacations, the last day of school, or anything fun). Count how many chains are left everyday to practice counting with your kids. – Countdown to Christmas: Wrapping Paper Chain!
  10. Snacks counting! Pick some numbers, line them up and count the snacks to match the numbers you picked! – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt from Chasing Cheerios!
  11. Go out into nature and have the kids count the petals they find on the flowers. You can take this game one step further and have the kids sort out the flowers by the numbers of petals on they count on them. – Counting Flower Petals!
  12. Apple seeds counting. You can use tally marks as visuals if you want! – Apple Seed Math from PBS Parents Adventures in Learning
  13. If your kids love vehicles, use semis to haul blocks and build towers using the correct number of blocks. – Counting Blocks While Building Towers!
  14. Use paper clips to count. You can make cute flashcards with numbers on them and have your preschoolers clip as many paper clips as the numbers. – Button Paper Clip Number Cards from Lessons Learnt Journal!
  15. Learn to count and recognize numbers from a grid of numbers. – What’s the Number? Count it with Blocks! on PBS Parents Adventures in Learning!
  16. Skip counting, but tens instead of twos! You can use some Cheerios and toothpicks. Your preschoolers can count to 10, then skip to 100, over and over again. – Cheerios Skip Counting by 10s with 1-2-3 Peas!


Your kids will absolutely love these fun activities, and not only that, they will also learn a lot from them! We hope you enjoy doing these fun activities with your preschoolers, and hope they learn a lot from them!