20 Amazing And Easy Nativity Crafts For Kids

20 Amazing And Easy Nativity Crafts For Kids

Christmas tends to be the favorite time of the year for children and for the child inside each of us. We all have memories and mementos of past Christmases. Have you ever thought about making a nativity craft that could become a family heirloom? Would you make one if you knew how to make it?

Want some nativity crafts to decorate your home and to do with your kids, or maybe with your Sunday school kids? Then, follow along for some fantastic easy nativity craft ideas that we collected for you!

Amazing And Easy Nativity Crafts For Kids

We’ve collected over 20 beautiful and easy made Nativity crafts that toddlers and even teens would adore. You’ll want to display these meaningful crafts year after year.

Nativity Silhouette 

This amazing nativity project needs only paint and paper. It’s easy to do and really helps convey that Jesus is the reason for the season.

To start with, tape down your paper to get a nice finish edge. Some of you may find this a bit tedious but it really makes displaying your art work so much easier and much more professional looking.

You can point out where you want your white center to be, using parts of the template.  You will be using the white of the paper for this. Then, mix some white paint with your blue paint to make a light blue. And start painting around your white center.

Continue painting now making your blue darker by mixing in some purple or maybe a little black, until you are right off the page. Now you can use the template or try to make your own. Trace out your figures on black paper. Then, use the yellow paper for the star.

After that, mix up a very dark blue, try to make a shade that you haven’t already used in the painting. And there you go! You will have an amazing piece for Christmas. Give it a try.

Holy Family Ornament

Image Source

This easy-made ornament illustrates Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. It makes a meaningful (yet inexpensive) Christmas gift for someone special. Kids that are a little older will enjoy this beautiful nativity ornament.

Tissue Box Nativity 

Image Source

You can create a beautiful nativity scene using a recycled tissue box. And what makes it even better is that the kids can play with this nativity set after it is done.

Craft Stick and Clay Pot Nativity 

Image Source

This cute project consists of ordinary craft sticks and terra cotta pots. It’s a very nice Christmas object to make with the whole family.

Starry Night in Bethlehem 

Image Source

This one nativity art is a wonderful project to make and enjoy during Christmas. It is influenced by Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night.’

Nativity Block 

Simple but so elegant is this wooden block Nativity. Impressive and yet easy to make.

This easy-made all-in-one nativity craft is fun to make and can be stored easily. The kids can display it proudly year after year.

Nativity Suncatcher 

Image Source

This nativity suncatcher is a beautiful and a fun object to make. It is very unique and meaningful.

Popsicle Stick Nativity 

You can create an easy and simple Christmas Nativity scene using popsicle sticks. All you have to do is add magnets to the back so that you can display it on the fridge or you can glue extra popsicle sticks onto the back to prop it upright on the mantel. This Popsicle Stick Manger is a keeper!

 Baby Jesus in a fingerprint craft

Parents love to make crafts from their precious child’s handprints. Same for you, if you’re a parent, or if you love kids and enjoy doing crafts with them, all you need to do is to use this Baby Jesus in a Manger Fingerprint craft for kids at Christmas.

Christmas Nativity Banner 

For this one, you’ll need to print this free printable Christmas Nativity Banner and rely on kids’ help. They can color and assemble it.

 DIY Felt Board Nativity

Image Source

One sure thing is that kids will enjoy moving the figures around while you inform them about the night when Jesus was born. All by using this DIY Felt Board Nativity.

Angel Wings Handprints

This one is a clever way to use handprints to make the angels’ wings, as well as the little footprint for Jesus’ bed? Love it!

 Stained Glass Craft

For this nativity scene, Stained Glass craft is the perfect option to opt for.

 Legos Nativity 

This one is a Nativity scene that every boy will adore! It’s all made out of Legos!

Walnut Shell Manager Ornament  

This one rustic walnut shell manger Christmas ornament is the perfect way to use recycled materials.

 Printable Nativity Set Free

This one is so easy that we had to put it in. And you can use this Printable Nativity Set as stick puppets or even for a bulletin board.

 Printable Christmas Finger Puzzle

This one is another way that enables kids to get their hands on the Nativity crafts. They’re a sort of printable Christmas Finger Puzzles with Bible verses.

Clothespin Nativity Ornament

Amazing And Easy Nativity Crafts For Kids

The Clothespin Nativity ornament is a little more appropriate and can be used with older children.

 Lighted Nativity

To make this shadowbox, you can use a clear carry out container. However, for a more permanent nativity, purchase a good shadow box to get a better result.

Outdoor Pavers Nativity

If you’ve ever wished for an outdoor Nativity, you can make one!

This one is easy to make, it’s a great project for the family, especially for Christmas time.

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16 Dreamy Disney Princess Crafts Kids Will Love

16 Dreamy Disney Princess Crafts Kids Will Love

If you’re a lover of Ariel, Moana, and Elsa or other princesses, you will love these dreamy Disney Princess Crafts! Kids adore princesses, and we can’t blame them. I mean! There is something magical about dressing up in all that sparkle and glitter.

Disney princesses’ characters have known a lot of changes throughout centuries, and they are getting progressively brighter, braver — and obviously, funnier! Starting with Snow White in 1937 to Moana in 2016, and others.

Disney’s essential girls aren’t normal princesses. They transform from being completely helpless and in need of a rescue from a prince charming, to being a beast and rescue the world all by themselves without needing any prince. However, one thing that they have in common is that they’ve got a great number of fans and most of them are little girls from all over the world.

So below are some of the dreamiest Disney Princess Crafts that kids can make and play with. There is only 1 problem, which is these crafts could cause a strong craving for a Disney movie or an inclination to start out singing Disney tracks!!

Disney Princess Corner Bookmarks

Disney Princess Crafts Kids Will Love

Image Source

These bookmarks from Red Ted Art are really so adorable, so you’ll be looking at these every time you start the webpage! That is just a specific video tutorial for each bride, which means you may pick your chosen — or you can make all of them!

Disney Princess Bottle Cap Necklaces

Image source

Even the Farm Girl Gabs expertly says that no matter how old you are, you’re never too old to have your beloved Disney princess! Choose your favorite princess face and use bottle caps and Modge Podge to create beautiful bracelets and necklaces. Even if you don’t wish to wear them, you can still transform them to a bag charm or keychain.

Elsa Polymer Clay Tutorial

Image Source

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t love Elsa from Frozen? Her guts to escape from society’s shackles and build her own universe — something really commendable! As it is in this cute polymer mud version of Elsa — perfect as a stocking stuffer!

Disney Princess Bead Necklaces

Image Source

For those who are obsessed with any particular Disney princess, Crafting in the Rain make life easier for you with detailed color-codes! These bead necklaces are effortless to make, and clever representations of each and every princess.

3D Disney Princess Dolls

Image Source

You can make a full collection of Disney princesses only by using papers! And it’s really easier than you think. Get you the printable download out of Fab Art DIY. Fold together the edges shown and then you will get yourself wonderful princess toys!

Wooden Spoon Princesses

Image Source

Yes! Wooden spoons can turn into princesses. Isn’t it cool? I Heart Crafty Things helps it be easy! Two of Disney’s most popular heroines, who escaped from the shackles that their parents/guardians set for them. Isn’t that hair look just perfect?

DIY Princess Glitter Globes

Image Source

Princesses, glitter and snow globes — things that occupy an important and a crucial position in any girl’s list!! The Whoot brings these altogether in a cute DIY princess theme glitter globe. You just have to get a little princess figure and with a rapid trip to the craft store, you’ll be capable of making these!

Popsicle Stick Princesses

Image Source

Popsicle sticks transform into beautiful Disney princesses with this specific video tutorial from craftility. For this, all you need are artwork sticks and also some colored markers. Try jumbo craft sticks to draw the princess features.

Disney Princess Footprint Craft

For the little Disney princess-crazy toddler, then this small footprint activity in The Keeper of the Cheerios is perfect! It is pretty clever, how a footprint may be transformed into any princess you like!

DIY Recycled Princess Tower

Yes, even princesses own castles, however, we all know the one princess that was stuck at a tower with her very long hair!! Mommy Scene shows us exactly how to collect stuff from the area we live in and transform it into a tower. It would be awesome for pretend play!

Belle Gown Paper-plate Craft

Belle is among the princesses that many adults may relate to, and the movie with Emma Watson just built this relation tougher! You can create a cute paper plate crafts based on Belle’s dress colors.

Disney Princess Naturel Craft

If you try to imagine princess and nature, you’ll probably think of snow-white singing along with all the animals in the forest. But this craft from Mother Natured can be a different kind, and it is a stunning strategy. You will need just natural components such as blossom petals and leaves to dress up the princesses. You will get some gorgeous designs.

Perler Bead Princess Chip Clips

These Perler bead princesses are certainly a good idea; you can transform them into anything you like! At Do It Your Freaking Self, they have connected it to clips, however, you can also make key-chains, bag charms, hair-clips or other things. You’re able to even use them as embellishments for photo frames or pencil stands.

Clothespin Princess Dolls

This one Disney princess craft is just a two-step process. You can find them in time-out with Mom. All you have to do is to print the doll heads, then paint the clothespins and attach!

Disney Princess Sock Puppets

Want to set your own princess puppet show? Fynes Designs affords free printable patterns for many Disney princesses — and also a Prince Charming! All you need to do is to trace the patterns onto sensed sheets and stick them on a sock — and you’re prepared to set up you own show!




Counting Activities For Preschoolers

Counting Activities For Preschoolers

If you noticed that your kid has been counting all of a sudden, then you should definitely help them along the way to improve their math and counting skills. There are a lot of fun counting games that you can play with your preschoolers to help them practice their 1-2-3s.

If you think this may be a little too advanced for their age, then you’re definitely not concerned. You’ll be totally shocked of what they can do, especially if you use physical items to make them count, their hands for example are one way to do it.

These activities are as simple as challenging. They’ll help your preschoolers count the things they find in nature or around them in the household. Things such as leaves, petals, rocks, glasses, dishes. Or better yet, you can help them count something they already love and enjoy, their toys!

They should learn how to do it fast, and you can even make them sort out what they count (toys, not leaves and petals), which will also help develop their motor skills.

Believe me, once your kids start enjoying counting, you can’t really stop them, you’ll soon see them counting anything and giving you updates about it.

You shouldn’t be limited by the ideas we provided here, you can go overboard and think outside the box. Whatever it is, if it includes counting games then the kids will be all for it!

Make sure you don’t try to force anything on them, that’s not how they’ll be enjoying things, and counting will start to seem like a chore to them.

Here Are 16 Counting Games for Your Preschoolers

These activities really focus on the kids’ counting abilities and skills, or lack thereof, either way, they’ll learn and improve.

You’ll also find a number recognition game and a one to one correspondence.

Counting Activities For Preschoolers

Fun Counting Activities

  1. Roll the dice, count it. Stack the blocks, count them, and repeat. – One to One Correspondence Practice with Dice & Blocks!
  2. Match up the numbers with the corresponding dots after going on a scavenger hunt to find them. – Letter & Number Scavenger Hunt for Preschoolers to Learn!
  3. Graph Legos by counting. – Using Legos to Teach Math & Writing from Crayon Freckles
  4. Dominoes decide which chore to do. Count the dots on the dominoes, and that’s the chore that should be done. – Chore List with Dominoes and Numbers!
  5. Line up the Dominoes by matching their dots, then count how many dots there are. – Learning Activity with Dominoes!
  6. Label a few bottles with numbers and have your preschoolers count them as well as drop pom poms in (or other small objects). – Sort and Count Math Bottles from The Imagination Tree!
  7. The same game as the previous one, but with baby food jars instead of bottles. If your kids love farms and everything related to it, call the jars grain bins and ask them to haul their grain and put it in the bin. Every bin can only as many grains as the number labeled on it. – Number Activity: Learn to Count with Grain Bins!
  8. Draw a simple grid on the sidewalk with numbers and have your kids find that number of objects in nature. – Counting Objects from Nature from Scribble Doodle and Draw!
  9. Making a paper chain and counting down to something exciting (birthdays, holidays, vacations, the last day of school, or anything fun). Count how many chains are left everyday to practice counting with your kids. – Countdown to Christmas: Wrapping Paper Chain!
  10. Snacks counting! Pick some numbers, line them up and count the snacks to match the numbers you picked! – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt from Chasing Cheerios!
  11. Go out into nature and have the kids count the petals they find on the flowers. You can take this game one step further and have the kids sort out the flowers by the numbers of petals on they count on them. – Counting Flower Petals!
  12. Apple seeds counting. You can use tally marks as visuals if you want! – Apple Seed Math from PBS Parents Adventures in Learning
  13. If your kids love vehicles, use semis to haul blocks and build towers using the correct number of blocks. – Counting Blocks While Building Towers!
  14. Use paper clips to count. You can make cute flashcards with numbers on them and have your preschoolers clip as many paper clips as the numbers. – Button Paper Clip Number Cards from Lessons Learnt Journal!
  15. Learn to count and recognize numbers from a grid of numbers. – What’s the Number? Count it with Blocks! on PBS Parents Adventures in Learning!
  16. Skip counting, but tens instead of twos! You can use some Cheerios and toothpicks. Your preschoolers can count to 10, then skip to 100, over and over again. – Cheerios Skip Counting by 10s with 1-2-3 Peas!


Your kids will absolutely love these fun activities, and not only that, they will also learn a lot from them! We hope you enjoy doing these fun activities with your preschoolers, and hope they learn a lot from them!

Fun Math Activities For Kids

Fun Math Activities For Kids

Whenever you talk about math, you will probably hear groans and sighs from all the children in the house. They hate it because it isn’t fun and takes a lot of time and energy. Unless you know how to make it fun!

Your kids will have so much fun doing these fun math activities that we have in store for you. What’s even better about this is that it won’t be stressful nor boring, they’ll actually be enjoying it and learning at the same time because these activities are so much fun.

Let’s jump straight to these activities that you can start doing with your children or students right now!

Roll the Dice to Count and Move

Fun Math Activities For Kids

Grab a dice, a small wooden cube and write a few activities on the latter such as jump, clap, stop, and more. Then roll the wooden cube with a pair of dice. The kids will then have to add them up and do the activity on the wooden dice the amount of times on the pair of dice.

You can even use subtraction if you want to teach them that!

Jump on Your Math Facts Practice

First, lay out a grid like the one in the picture containing number answers to the flashcards you’re using right now.

You can use tape or chalk or anything that’s useful (and removable).

The game is like this, two kids face off, you show them a flashcard, and they have to race to be the first to step on the answer.

Run a Flashcard Race

Tape a series of flashcards on the floor (like the picture above) and challenge the kids to who can correctly make their way from start to finish first.

Before they start racing, they should either call out the correct answers or write them down. They can either race side by side or independently against their own best time.

Tell Time on a Giant Clock

Draw a giant clock on the playground (don’t forget the minutes, too) using chalk. Then, choose two kids, one to be the hours and the other to be the minutes.

Call out a time and send them out to be the clock. This will teach them how to tell time.

You can make things more fun by having them add or subtract from the initial time.

Head out on a Plot Graph Scavenger Hunt

Create a map of your neighborhood, school, or playground using a graph paper. Then you can choose plot points for them to visit in which they’ll find notes or small prizes that you left for them there.

Create a Life-Size Number Line

Make a number line that is big enough for kids to stand and jump around on. You can use chalk to do this. Your kids will love this and they’ll end up doing this activity more than once.

Do a Number Dance

If your kids love Dance Revolution they’ll absolutely enjoy this activity.

Make a number mat for each kid (or student) like in the picture, then flash an equation with an answer between 10 and 99.

When kids figure out the answer, they have to put their left foot on the correct place, and right on the wrong ones.

It’s a fun, and educational way to learn, dance and spin around!

Make a Splash with Water Balloons

This game might get you soaked, or just a little wet.

Fill balloons with water and label from 1 to 20. Draw the numbers in a big circle on the ground, then pick a could to choose a balloon, find the matching number, and make a splash!

Measure the Height of a Tree

Kids will love the fact they can now measure a tree without climbing it.

Check out this link for the full steps: https://fromabcstoacts.com/outdoor-stem-measure-tree-height/

Count and Learn on a Nature Walk

Take a hike and practice basic math with your kids on the way. Count trees, flowers, squirrels, or anything you put your eyes on.

Draw a Colorful Math Facts Garden

The kids should draw a basic flower with 10 numbered petals, then write a number to multiply (or subtract, or add) by in the middle, and finally fill the petals with the correct answers.

Hunt for Shapes in the World

Give the kids a sheet with the shapes they should be looking for, then let them roam around the house or at school, and each time they find a shape they get a point.

Steal the Balls with Addition Robbery

The kids will try and see whose basket of balls it is will add up to the highest amount. The trick is that at first they don’t know which ball is worth more points.

Paint and Hide Number Rocks

Have your classroom or kids help you paint rocks, then hide them around the school or the house and make them find it and answer the equations.

Skip Count Along a Hopscotch Board

You can use a hopscotch board for a lot of fun activities, especially if you have a lot of small children to work with.

You can use it for skip counting, the kids will hop along counting either by 2s, 5s, or even 10s.

There are a lot more activities that you can do with this board, check them out here: https://mathgeekmama.com/skip-counting-hopscotch/


These activities can be a lot of fun, but let’s not forget how beneficial and educational they are to the kids. At this age, they’re able to remember almost anything you teach them, which is why it is very  important to take advantage of it by developing their brains with fun activities.

We hope you will try at least one or all of the activities shown above.


Winter Activities For Preschoolers

Winter Activities For Preschoolers

There are so many winter activities that you engage in with preschoolers and which they will absolutely love and enjoy. You can be sure that these activities will include snow, snowman, snowflakes, and ice, too.

You yourself will enjoy doing this with your kids and it won’t feel like a chore at all.

Let’s check out some of the fun things you can do with your preschoolers right now!!!

Winter Craft Activity

Winter Activities For Preschoolers

Image Source

Cut out a paper into the shape of a snowflake, and get your kids a few supplies that they’ll need to decorate it.

These supplies include:

  • Buttons
  • Sticker gems
  • Sequins
  • Pom poms
  • Glitter glue

You can let your kids go wild with their imagination and they will have a lot of good time decorating the snowflake you just made them. This game is especially fun if your kids are having their friends over, they might just think you’re the coolest parent ever!

Building a Snowman

You have absolutely no reason not to think of this one. Everybody loves a snowman, and everybody loves building one.

If you’re lucky enough to have it snow in your area, then you already have most of your supplies. Gather your kids, make sure every one of them is well-dressed so they don’t catch a cold, and go outside and start building.

You will need some googly eyes and a carrot to make the eyes and nose of the snowman, but that’s about it. Your kids will have a lot of fun and will have the chance to build something with their hands, which can be very beneficial for their motor skills as well as they will learn a thing or two here and there.

White Snow Playdough

Image Source

Making white snow playdough in itself is a fun activity, let along what you can do with it after it done and ready.

Let’s first check out the ingredient and the recipe that you’ll need to know in order to make the dough:


  • 1 cup corn flour (cornstarch in the US)
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 1 tbsp cream of tartar
  • 1 cup boiling (or nearly boiling) water
  • Few drops liquid glycerin (not essential, but makes it even smoother!)
  • Silver glitter- optional! (but so pretty)


  • Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl
  • Add oil
  • Add boiling water
  • Leave it to cool down for a while
  • Knead until smooth and soft
  • Add glitter and the desired scent
  • Add corn flour if sticky

Now that you have your playdough ready, all you have to do is invite your kids and their friends over and start playing. There are infinite games ideas that you can do and they’re all so fun.

You can make a little snowman with the dough that you’ve made, or roll the dough and use it as small snowballs. You can basically go wild with this. It is advised you let the kids decide what they want to do with it.


If you want your kids to have fun, it isn’t that hard. Especially if you’re a resourceful parent who isn’t scared of putting their hands to work.

We hope you liked the ideas above and hope you have a lot of fun with your preschoolers at home or outside.

Spring Activities for Pre-Schoolers

Spring Activities for Pre-Schoolers

The seasonal shift into spring is many things but it’s mainly a great opportunity for little ones to engage in instructive interactive activities. It’s the perfect time for them to learn about life, nature, and their environment by a adopting a more hands-on approach. However younger children are more prone to illnesses, so in order not to compromise their immune systems, here is a list of spring activities that might interest your kids, based on environmental literacy without involving any planting.

Spring Activities for Pre-Schoolers

Image Source

Spring Activities for Pre Schoolers

Spring Movement Games : 

One of the things parents really need to focus on when their children are still quite young is their motor skills. These movement games allow for just that, with minimal preparation and supplies required. They are also ideal for play dates seeing as they can engage more than one person at once.

Setting up the game can be an activity in and of itself, cut out some felt or construction paper flowers and let the children glue them to craft sticks, when they’re all done, place them in a cup or a flower pot to stay on theme. Assign 4 different letters to 4 different places in the playing area and the same 4 letters to 4 groups of the flowers. The children will then have to pick a flower and move to the assigned area.

Spring Splat Art :

What is splat art you may be asking yourself ? Well, think Jackson Pollock but for children (gross oversimplification of course). It’s easy as can be, doesn’t require many supplies, and is a great activity to engage with along with your child that can also double as bonding. It’s an opportunity to let loose, break the rules a little, and get messy. All you’ll need are some paint, sheets of paper, paintbrushes of or old tooth brushes, maybe some gloves.

Image Source

Take lead by showing your kid how to splash the paint on the paper using the brushes, and let their imagination run wild. If it’s a special occasion, you can splurge on a canvas and hang up the final product after you’re little one’s signed it. Also make sure that none of you are wearing any fancy clothes that may be ruined in the process.

Re-telling a Spring Story with Puppets : 

Puppets are universal beloved means of entertainment that have transcended generations and stood the test of time. Whether it’s sock puppets or elaborate, Sesame-street style puppets, children love them in all their forms.  So take advantage of your little one’s fertile imagination, and stage a little puppet show telling their favorite spring story.

If you don’t have any hand puppets, grab some clean socks that you may not use anymore, and some non toxic marker and decorate your sock puppet with your kid before starting the show. You can either choose to perform the story or engage your kid and have them participate in the story-telling as well. One thing for sure is that your little one will love it !

Flower Play-dough :

Play-dough along with puppets is one of those childhood staples that no generation has escaped. However a new trend has been to make your own. This is not only a very sustainable waste-free approach, but also a great way to personalize your play-dough.

There are many recipes you can find online. With your finished product, we suggest adding some fresh colorful flowers to stay on the spring theme. You can then invite your little one to flatten the dough, carefully using a rolling pin, and the using flower cookie cutter, cut out the shape, and use that to make flowers.

Spring Beginning Sounds Activity

This activity may seem like it requires a more complex set of supplies, however it’s well worth it ! It can be incredibly beneficial for your little one by allowing them to associate images to letters and words. You’ll need some construction paper, which you’ll use to make flowers. On each petal write down a letter. You’ll also need small animal figurines or stickers. The just of game is for the children to place the stickers or figurines of an animal that starts with a certain letter on said letter.

Coffee Filter Butterflies :

Image Source

This little arts and crafts project is super easy and only requires some chenille stems, coffee filters, and some markers or water-colors. Using the markers of water-colors, have the kids decorate their coffee filters. Leave them to dry a little bit and then twist a chenille stem

around the middle, scrunching it all up to look like a pretty butterfly that you can then hang in your car perhaps.

Butterfly Farming:

Spring is the perfect occasion for children small kids to get acquainted with the wonder of nature through learning about the cycle of life. A butterfly’s metamorphosis and life span can prove to be quite fascinating for little ones, which is why getting a chance to raise them can be such great experience.

All you’ll need is a ready-made butterfly raising kit and a cup of caterpillars. Follow the instructions and there you have yourself a very instructive experience for your children.

More Activities for Spring:

Painting with vegetables : 

To make things clear, we are not encouraging waste culture here. All we’re saying is if you ever have any sprouted potatoes or limp carrots in your pantry, you can carve out different shapes and use them as stamps. With a little paint and paper your children can make beautiful masterpieces that can go up on the fridge.

Flower Petal Collage : 

Flowers are THE spring staple. In the event that you have some flowers going a bit limp, have your kids harvest the petals, and then using some glue make a colorful collage on some construction paper of a canvas if you’re feeling fancy.


There are so many ways to have kids enjoy spring time, these were only some suggestions. Feel free to play with them and adjust them to your own needs.