Free farmhouse printables are a great way to decorate your home and express your creativity.

If you have lots of free space at your place, you can use these free farmhouse printables to add charm and glow to your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even the bathroom. Farmhouse printables are easy to make, but they give an impressive look to your place.

Best Free Farmhouse Printables

If you feel like your skills are short on creating creative DIY projects, completing these wall printables will boost your confidence for creating more artistic and creative DIYs.

Best Free Farmhouse Printables

So to get you started to cosy up your home, follow the next steps which will apply to any free farmhouse printable that you are going to find online.


  • Step 1: Download your Farmhouse Printables


If you have a computer or even just a phone, you can get started by downloading the printables from various sources on the internet.

Pinterest is one of the best online sources to find these Farmhouse Printables. All you have to do is select the image that you want and then proceed with downloading it.

Then, open the image on your computer and print it from your home printer.

If you do not have a home printer, you can copy the images into your USB key and take it to the closest printing lab or store to print them.


  • Step 2: Paper Choice


If you would like to have the best result with the printables, we recommend that you use a high-quality type of paper. There are two types of paper that you can choose:


Matte Cardstock: 

This is a premium quality type of paper. It’s solid, thick and has a rustic texture to it. Professional DIY makers use it because it lasts longer than regular paper, and it looks better.

Glossy Photo Paper: 

This is another excellent option if you want to add a little bit of gloss and gleam to your photo. I personally don’t use this one as you can see the light reflection on it which is something I don’t like.

Another reason why I don’t use it is that I am usually framing my farmhouse printables in a glass frame.

I’m going to be honest with you, I used the standard printing paper before, and I still do sometimes. It is cheap, and you can replace it at any time you want with a new farmhouse printable.

Just keep in mind to treat it gently when framing it. Due to its lightweight quality, it is more likely to get wrinkled.


  • Step 3: Printing


Now that you chose the farmhouse printables and the type of paper that you are going to use, all you have to do is to print them. Printing them using your home printer is going to be the first option you have.

The advantage is that you are not going to be spending very little on it, and you can always, at any time you want, print new ones and frame them so that you hang them later on your wall.

However, your choices will be limited. With your home printer, you can only print paper formats of A5, A4, or less.

Why limit yourself when printing labs are available to provide you with endless options of paper formats? Some really fabulous printables will only look good if printed on large sizes, which we’re going to see later on this article.


  • Step 4: Framing


Framing your farmhouse printable will enhance its aesthetic look and add cosiness to your space. There are many options that you can choose from, and you can get creative as much as you can.

Through this step, we are going to discover together the best and free farmhouse printable designs that you can make for your home.


Antique Botanical Farmhouse Printables:

Image source :

Adding a few green colours to your space will never go wrong at your place. You can download these 21 Free Botanical Prints do decorate a large blank in your home.

You can choose wood frames to complement to rustic and earthy look. For this option, we recommend that you print the images in small sizes to use 8” x 11” frames.

This will ensure that you don’t spend lots of money on 21 frames. You can find these frames at Walmart for a fair price. Or you can simply DIY them at home, which will be more fun to do.


Large Farmhouse Printables Quotes:

If you are someone who likes big wall decors like me, we’ve got your covered. This large-scale printable will add charm and identity to your wall.

We selected these 18 Free Large Farmhouse Printables for you from The Painted Hive website. Just download them for free, then you can frame them using cheap wood grain that you can find at your local store.

Using this large farmhouse printable is cost-effective and is less expensive than buying one off the shelf.


Frameless Farmhouse Printables:

Who said you need a frame to create a DIY farmhouse printable? Remember we are doing this to be as much creative as we can.

Moreover, these frameless printables will look as great as the other ones. But that depends on your taste, of course! You can either chose to print a large-scale one or make a collage of small ones for your wall. The options are endless.

A great website to find over 80.000 free printable images is The New York Public Library. Here, you’ll mostly find antique images, but if you are looking for a more modern style, you can always check on Pinterest.


Beauty in Disorder:

Another great way to unleash your creativity is by hanging the framed farmhouse printables without respecting any order. Just print a bunch of them, frame them, and try to find the most beautiful way you can hang them disorderly.


Puzzle it up

Last but not least, you can create a sort of a puzzle with your farmhouse printable. Choose an image to download from one of the sources we listed before.

It could be a simple shape, a quote, or anything else. Print it in a large-size format, cut it into pieces of different sizes, then frame them and hang them on your wall like a puzzle.

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