American Girl Doll’ crafts are so much fun to make! The sets are usually so expensive, which why replicating them with crafts is much more affordable and way more fun.

And printables are our favourites because they are definitely the easiest way with the best results.

Because we just love these crafts and want to share the fun of making them with you, we gathered the best ‘American Girl Doll’ crafts and printables ideas, that are not only so simple but also really lovely and free!

For Food and Activities

Your ‘American Girl Doll’ deserves to have her own kitchen, and not any kitchen but a full one! Which is why we recommend trying these free food printables. We can assure you that you are going to love them!


  • American Girl Doll Kool-Aid Printables

Even if you are not a Kool-Aid fan, at least you don’t have to decide whether it is unhealthy for your doll or not!

All we know is that it will be such an adorable addition for your ‘American Girl Doll’ ‘s tiny kitchen! And what’s even cooler is that you can make it yourself using only a few supplies such as empty pills bottles, scissors and glue, and of course, these free Kool-Aid printables that you will find here:

American Girl Doll Pizza Set Printables

American Girl Doll Printables Ideas

How about a pizza set for a fun night at your ‘American Girl Doll’ ‘s house? Hot and fresh out of the oven!

All you need is some tiny pieces of recycled paper board, where you can glue this awesome pizza printables made by “American Girl Ideas”: 

But a fun night is never complete without board games! We are all fan of board games, and as much as we enjoy playing them, we are sure that you are going to enjoy making these games’ boards.

They also require only a piece of recycled paper board and the following printables:


American Girl Doll Pom-pom Milkshakes Craft:

Printables sure are easy, but this does not mean that you cannot find other easy crafts too!

For instance, this pom-pom milkshakes craft for your ‘American Girl Doll’ is very simple.

It only requires using children medicine cups and following the clear and detailed steps of “Pink and Green mama” (Link:

where she is showing you what to use and how to make the whole thing: the cups, the milkshakes, the straws, and even the sprinkles!

  • American Girl Doll Granola Bar Printables

American Girl Doll Printables Ideas

What about a little energetic and healthy snack in the afternoon? A Granola Bar is good for you and your ‘American Girl Doll’ as well!

This time, you will only need Oatmeal and Steel Cut Oats, Scrap Craft Foam, and Glue.

These few supplies will make you able to DIY a very realistic Granola Bar that will make you drool!

Here, you will find the printables you will need:


  • American Girl Doll GoldFish crackers Printables

Your ‘American Girl Doll’ has got to have a choice for what she wants for a snack, doesn’t she?

Which is why a second snack will be a great addition to your doll food crafts, especially one that is so tasty in real and extremely easy to make for your doll!

You will find the Goldfish crackers printables on the following link:


  • American Girl Doll Popcorn Printables

If you have a cinema set or would just like to make a Popcorn craft for your ‘American Girl Doll’ ‘s movie night, you only need tissue and glue!

This is one of the easiest doll food crafts ever, and the result is really amazing!

Another way to make this craft is to use shipping peanuts and tear them in half. Isn’t That simple?

Of course, you will also need the box printables, which you are going to find here: 

“Living a doll’s life” has even more snacks crafts for your ‘American Girl Doll’, to go with your popcorn: a sandwich cookie and a soda!

They are also extremely easy to make, and the results are so adorable.

All you need is to check the easy steps on this link:


  • American Girl Doll Popsicles Printables

One last snack for a joyful summertime! Popsicles can bring such happiness to us all; it is the best treat on a hot summer day!

So why not share it with our ‘American Girl Doll’? You will basically need mini popsicle sticks and coloured paper depending on which flavour you want to make (you can use brown paper for a fudge bar!)

The box, of course, will need printables glued on, and you can find and download them here: 

For Home and Decorations

Far from the kitchen this time, the rest of your ‘American Girl Doll’ house needs to be pretty and well decorated! We really love these simple and effortless decorations, and we are pretty sure you are going to love them as much as we do!


  • American Girl Doll Unicorn Wall Printables

If your ‘American Girl Doll’ has a pink girly room, this unicorn wall printable will look perfect in it! You can find it on the following link: 

You can personalize their disposition as you like, and even use them on other furniture.

Another awesome and unique idea is to add glittery sketches to them; a heart maybe, a star, or even a unicorn.


  • American Girl Doll Artwork Printables

Just like we love making personalized decorations in our own house that reflect ourselves, you should have custom decorations in your ‘American Girl Doll’ ‘s house.

And to help you out, here are some printables that you can download from this link: 

You are going to love these printables; they can be used in so many ways! Either on the floor, or as a picture on your wall, or even as a frame,

One thing is for sure, though, no matter the way they will be used, they are always going to look fabulous.


  • American Girl Doll Hammock Craft

Did you know? You can easily turn a piece of a bamboo placemat into a Hammock with the help of some ribbons, and it will be perfect for a camping set, or as an addition to give your American Girl Doll room a whole new vibe!

It is really simple and so much fun to make! Just look through the steps on “Ag Doll Play” on the following link: 


  • American Girl Doll Bed Craft

You do not even have to worry about sewing to make this bed, because this craft will only require stitch witchery, scrap fabric, scissors and an iron.

Just check the steps here to realize that it is a piece of cake:

The room will look so fabulous that you ‘American Girl Doll’ will never want to leave it anymore!


  • American Girl Doll Pillow Craft

Of course, a bed necessarily needs a pillow with the same theme.

Making these pillow is also very easy and requires only stitch witchery.

You can watch the whole DIY on this video, enjoy! 

  • American Girl Doll Sleeping Bag Craft

What about sleepovers? Your ‘American Girl Doll’ will need a sleeping bag!

Not a problem! “Craft Create Cook” has the perfect and most simple way to make the cutest sleeping bag ever. Of course, no sewing is required here neither! Check it out: 


  • American Girl Doll Pom-Pom Rug Craft

You are definitely going to love this super easy rug, again made by “American Girl Ideas”, we must admit that she is so creative and has the most amazing ideas!

For this one, she only used a piece of felt for the bottom of the rug (you can cut it in any shape you think suits your ‘American Girl Doll’ ‘s room), some pom-poms for and of course, glue!

It is going to be a unique and really stylish addition to the room!

Follow the DIY to avoid messing it though: 


  • American Girl Doll Retro TV Printables

We also have a bunch of other printables that you can decorate your ‘American Girl Doll’ living room with, and this retro TV is by far one of our favourites!

It will look awesome if you have a retro style living room, and even if you don’t, it will add a vintage vibe which is so cool!

You can find several designs using this link:

We know that it is hard to choose. We just love them all!

This article was for all of you who, just like us, love creativity, but also have kids obsessed with American Girl Dolls (or are obsessed with them themselves!)

We can’t all afford to buy all the ready sets, and we always thought that something made from the heart and crafted by our own hands has much more value than anything bought! It’s the little imperfections that make it perfect.

These ‘American Girl Doll’ crafts and printables will allow you to have original and unique items for your ‘American Girl Doll’.

They are simple, inexpensive, and so much fun to make!

We tried and gathered for you all of our favourite ideas, even though we have got so many more!

And, if you are looking to make another item we did not mention, help yourself; we are pretty sure the internet is full of other multiple ideas we did not think of!

And most importantly, we just hope that you will enjoy making them as much as we do!