The Lovelyhandcrafts website, just as its name implies, is all about simple crafts and DIYs that you can make at home with few materials and few tools!

To us, DIYs and crafts are just so fulfilling! We honestly think they are one of the best hobbies ever.

Not only are they a fantastic way to set our creativity free, but we also get to enjoy our free time while learning new skills and making new items.  And, if you are like us, you often come across items for sale and end up thinking: “this is too expensive, I can totally make it myself.” Well… We do!  And honestly, we think that having hand-made items has more personal value, as they are made with love. We use most of our crafted items to decorate our house, as they reflect the interest and care we put in them and give a cozy family vibe!

Our kids love crafts so much, and it is definitely the best way to entertain them! We actually think that crafts play a significant role in kids’ early education; they allow them to express their feelings and share their ideas freely.

Not to mention that arts and crafts will allow your kid to build confidence and express himself.

And of course, they will boost his creativity and artistic thinking, as he explores different materials, techniques, tools, and skills. And you know, what might seem like a craft to you and your kid now, such as painting, knitting, sewing, etc., can actually turn out to be a life skill that he gained and improved while growing up, and come in very handy in the future.

Making crafts together is your way to encourage all of that and more, as well as spend time together as a family, have a good laugh, and make good memories. What’s not to love about that?! All of our family members are passionate about crafts; we always try to look for new ideas to try.

Still, we often find ourselves in front of so many options, which gets us confused.. wishing that one website, gathering only the best ideas, will come to our rescue. And this is how the idea of making The Lovelyhandcrafts website came!

Our articles are specifically about our favorite crafts ideas and details about the ones we actually tried.  For instance, check out our favorite printable bookmarks that we enjoyed coloring and customizing. It is a smart way to motivate your kid to read!

We also wrote about the best crafts to make before starting a new school year, or simply how to get your kids really excited about going back to school!

And much more! We hope you will enjoy our ideas and that they will inspire you for your crafts. Don’t hesitate to ask us about anything, and share your opinions thoughts with us. We would love to hear from you!