Crafting is the best activity that you can share with your kids. They can learn so many things through the whole process. So in this article, we will give you some amazing crafting ideas and specifically duck craft ideas. There is no doubt that the majority of children adore ducks. They are incredible, cute creations that even adults adore.


Using very simple and easily available items, you and your kids can create amazing cute and chubby ducks. You can also spice it up and add some of your touch.


There are several ideas that include different shapes and forms of duck craft, but in this article we chose the best 6 of all. So, read on!


Mother duck and her kids


I bet every little kid knows the song “Five little ducks”, and they surely adore it. In this DIY, kids will learn how to count from 1 to 5, how to paint, how to properly use scissors, etc.


The materials you need for these 5 craft ideas are: paper towel rolls, cardstock paper (choose 3 colors), paintbrush, craft paint, scissors, black marker, brown pencil, glue, and 2 big googly eyes.


The first thing to start with is painting the paper roll in a color of your choice, then let it dry. Then, draw one big oval on the cardstock paper for the body, and another one for the head, draw a tail as well, and cut them. Now, you need to glue them together; on one of the oval shapes, glue the tail, then the wigs behind the body.


For the duck details, take your brown pencil and add the smile line on the mouth. Also, add the feathers on the wing by using your black marker and the eyelashes. Then glue the googly eyes on top of the beak. After that, when you’re done with the body and the head, glue them together, by making sure the body is at the bottom and the head is at the top. And voilà!


Ducks made of Paper Plate


To make these cute little ducks, you will need some paper plates, choose the size of your choice, paint, eyes, yellow feathers, and glue gun or stapler.


The way to make these ducks is easy. After deciding the size of the duck, take the paper plate and cut it in half. Then, roll one half of the plate into a cone shape and glue the cut side closed.


Concerning the body, roll the other half of the paper plate into another cone shape, and glue on the cut edge, then glue the head and body together. After that, take another plate to make the wings and feet, and glue them, too. As a final step, paint your ducks and add the eyes and feathers.


3D Mother and Baby Ducks

These DIYs are fun! For this one, you will need folded paper duck printed on cardstock, googly eyes, markers, crayons or paint, and choose any decoration you’d like.


First, color your printed and cut duck, then, make two folds in the center of the duck. The next step would be to put some glue on the head and the tail (except the body part). Then pinch them together. And the meantime, decorate your duck by whatever you like. Add the googly eyes on both sides.


And finally, to make the ducklings, follow the same process.


‘D’ is for Duck DIY

This one will teach your little ones how to pronounce and write the letter ‘D’. It’s extremely easy to make and with few and easy materials only! So, what you need is scissors, glue, googly eyes, crayons, papers, and a white cardstock sheet.


First off, with the help of your kid, cut a large uppercase letter D, a raindrop shape, and a circle. Choose another color of the construction papers and heart shape and 2 duck feet. When you’re done, collect all your pieces into one piece.


Duck Finger Puppets

Duck Craft Ideas For Kids

What you need for this duck are different colors of cardstock papers, scissors, glue, googly eyes, two different colors of mini cupcake liners and a 3/4-inch circle hole punch.


Draw two circles where the size of one is smaller and the other and cut them. Take the larger circle and make two 3/4-inch holes in the bottom. These holes are where you are going to put your fingers. For the wigs, take the pancake liner and cut it in 4 pieces.


After that, glue the two circles together, in the shape of the body and head. Then, add the googly eyes, the beak, and the wings.


And that is it! We hope you enjoy making these easy and fun crafts with your children or your preschoolers! Happy Crafting!


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