Christmas tends to be the favorite time of the year for children and for the child inside each of us. We all have memories and mementos of past Christmases. Have you ever thought about making a nativity craft that could become a family heirloom? Would you make one if you knew how to make it?

Want some nativity crafts to decorate your home and to do with your kids, or maybe with your Sunday school kids? Then, follow along for some fantastic easy nativity craft ideas that we collected for you!

Amazing And Easy Nativity Crafts For Kids

We’ve collected over 20 beautiful and easy made Nativity crafts that toddlers and even teens would adore. You’ll want to display these meaningful crafts year after year.

Nativity Silhouette 

This amazing nativity project needs only paint and paper. It’s easy to do and really helps convey that Jesus is the reason for the season.

To start with, tape down your paper to get a nice finish edge. Some of you may find this a bit tedious but it really makes displaying your art work so much easier and much more professional looking.

You can point out where you want your white center to be, using parts of the template.  You will be using the white of the paper for this. Then, mix some white paint with your blue paint to make a light blue. And start painting around your white center.

Continue painting now making your blue darker by mixing in some purple or maybe a little black, until you are right off the page. Now you can use the template or try to make your own. Trace out your figures on black paper. Then, use the yellow paper for the star.

After that, mix up a very dark blue, try to make a shade that you haven’t already used in the painting. And there you go! You will have an amazing piece for Christmas. Give it a try.

Holy Family Ornament

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This easy-made ornament illustrates Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. It makes a meaningful (yet inexpensive) Christmas gift for someone special. Kids that are a little older will enjoy this beautiful nativity ornament.

Tissue Box Nativity 

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You can create a beautiful nativity scene using a recycled tissue box. And what makes it even better is that the kids can play with this nativity set after it is done.

Craft Stick and Clay Pot Nativity 

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This cute project consists of ordinary craft sticks and terra cotta pots. It’s a very nice Christmas object to make with the whole family.

Starry Night in Bethlehem 

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This one nativity art is a wonderful project to make and enjoy during Christmas. It is influenced by Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night.’

Nativity Block 

Simple but so elegant is this wooden block Nativity. Impressive and yet easy to make.

This easy-made all-in-one nativity craft is fun to make and can be stored easily. The kids can display it proudly year after year.

Nativity Suncatcher 

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This nativity suncatcher is a beautiful and a fun object to make. It is very unique and meaningful.

Popsicle Stick Nativity 

You can create an easy and simple Christmas Nativity scene using popsicle sticks. All you have to do is add magnets to the back so that you can display it on the fridge or you can glue extra popsicle sticks onto the back to prop it upright on the mantel. This Popsicle Stick Manger is a keeper!

 Baby Jesus in a fingerprint craft

Parents love to make crafts from their precious child’s handprints. Same for you, if you’re a parent, or if you love kids and enjoy doing crafts with them, all you need to do is to use this Baby Jesus in a Manger Fingerprint craft for kids at Christmas.

Christmas Nativity Banner 

For this one, you’ll need to print this free printable Christmas Nativity Banner and rely on kids’ help. They can color and assemble it.

 DIY Felt Board Nativity

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One sure thing is that kids will enjoy moving the figures around while you inform them about the night when Jesus was born. All by using this DIY Felt Board Nativity.

Angel Wings Handprints

This one is a clever way to use handprints to make the angels’ wings, as well as the little footprint for Jesus’ bed? Love it!

 Stained Glass Craft

For this nativity scene, Stained Glass craft is the perfect option to opt for.

 Legos Nativity 

This one is a Nativity scene that every boy will adore! It’s all made out of Legos!

Walnut Shell Manager Ornament  

This one rustic walnut shell manger Christmas ornament is the perfect way to use recycled materials.

 Printable Nativity Set Free

This one is so easy that we had to put it in. And you can use this Printable Nativity Set as stick puppets or even for a bulletin board.

 Printable Christmas Finger Puzzle

This one is another way that enables kids to get their hands on the Nativity crafts. They’re a sort of printable Christmas Finger Puzzles with Bible verses.

Clothespin Nativity Ornament

Amazing And Easy Nativity Crafts For Kids

The Clothespin Nativity ornament is a little more appropriate and can be used with older children.

 Lighted Nativity

To make this shadowbox, you can use a clear carry out container. However, for a more permanent nativity, purchase a good shadow box to get a better result.

Outdoor Pavers Nativity

If you’ve ever wished for an outdoor Nativity, you can make one!

This one is easy to make, it’s a great project for the family, especially for Christmas time.

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