If you’re a lover of Ariel, Moana, and Elsa or other princesses, you will love these dreamy Disney Princess Crafts! Kids adore princesses, and we can’t blame them. I mean! There is something magical about dressing up in all that sparkle and glitter.

Disney princesses’ characters have known a lot of changes throughout centuries, and they are getting progressively brighter, braver — and obviously, funnier! Starting with Snow White in 1937 to Moana in 2016, and others.

Disney’s essential girls aren’t normal princesses. They transform from being completely helpless and in need of a rescue from a prince charming, to being a beast and rescue the world all by themselves without needing any prince. However, one thing that they have in common is that they’ve got a great number of fans and most of them are little girls from all over the world.

So below are some of the dreamiest Disney Princess Crafts that kids can make and play with. There is only 1 problem, which is these crafts could cause a strong craving for a Disney movie or an inclination to start out singing Disney tracks!!

Disney Princess Corner Bookmarks

Disney Princess Crafts Kids Will Love

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These bookmarks from Red Ted Art are really so adorable, so you’ll be looking at these every time you start the webpage! That is just a specific video tutorial for each bride, which means you may pick your chosen — or you can make all of them!

Disney Princess Bottle Cap Necklaces

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Even the Farm Girl Gabs expertly says that no matter how old you are, you’re never too old to have your beloved Disney princess! Choose your favorite princess face and use bottle caps and Modge Podge to create beautiful bracelets and necklaces. Even if you don’t wish to wear them, you can still transform them to a bag charm or keychain.

Elsa Polymer Clay Tutorial

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Is there anyone out there that doesn’t love Elsa from Frozen? Her guts to escape from society’s shackles and build her own universe — something really commendable! As it is in this cute polymer mud version of Elsa — perfect as a stocking stuffer!

Disney Princess Bead Necklaces

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For those who are obsessed with any particular Disney princess, Crafting in the Rain make life easier for you with detailed color-codes! These bead necklaces are effortless to make, and clever representations of each and every princess.

3D Disney Princess Dolls

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You can make a full collection of Disney princesses only by using papers! And it’s really easier than you think. Get you the printable download out of Fab Art DIY. Fold together the edges shown and then you will get yourself wonderful princess toys!

Wooden Spoon Princesses

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Yes! Wooden spoons can turn into princesses. Isn’t it cool? I Heart Crafty Things helps it be easy! Two of Disney’s most popular heroines, who escaped from the shackles that their parents/guardians set for them. Isn’t that hair look just perfect?

DIY Princess Glitter Globes

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Princesses, glitter and snow globes — things that occupy an important and a crucial position in any girl’s list!! The Whoot brings these altogether in a cute DIY princess theme glitter globe. You just have to get a little princess figure and with a rapid trip to the craft store, you’ll be capable of making these!

Popsicle Stick Princesses

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Popsicle sticks transform into beautiful Disney princesses with this specific video tutorial from craftility. For this, all you need are artwork sticks and also some colored markers. Try jumbo craft sticks to draw the princess features.

Disney Princess Footprint Craft

For the little Disney princess-crazy toddler, then this small footprint activity in The Keeper of the Cheerios is perfect! It is pretty clever, how a footprint may be transformed into any princess you like!

DIY Recycled Princess Tower

Yes, even princesses own castles, however, we all know the one princess that was stuck at a tower with her very long hair!! Mommy Scene shows us exactly how to collect stuff from the area we live in and transform it into a tower. It would be awesome for pretend play!

Belle Gown Paper-plate Craft

Belle is among the princesses that many adults may relate to, and the movie with Emma Watson just built this relation tougher! You can create a cute paper plate crafts based on Belle’s dress colors.

Disney Princess Naturel Craft

If you try to imagine princess and nature, you’ll probably think of snow-white singing along with all the animals in the forest. But this craft from Mother Natured can be a different kind, and it is a stunning strategy. You will need just natural components such as blossom petals and leaves to dress up the princesses. You will get some gorgeous designs.

Perler Bead Princess Chip Clips

These Perler bead princesses are certainly a good idea; you can transform them into anything you like! At Do It Your Freaking Self, they have connected it to clips, however, you can also make key-chains, bag charms, hair-clips or other things. You’re able to even use them as embellishments for photo frames or pencil stands.

Clothespin Princess Dolls

This one Disney princess craft is just a two-step process. You can find them in time-out with Mom. All you have to do is to print the doll heads, then paint the clothespins and attach!

Disney Princess Sock Puppets

Want to set your own princess puppet show? Fynes Designs affords free printable patterns for many Disney princesses — and also a Prince Charming! All you need to do is to trace the patterns onto sensed sheets and stick them on a sock — and you’re prepared to set up you own show!