Now that we’re all spending as much time indoors as we can, it is high time we found new activities and games to play with our kids.

If you’re a parent who’s willing to spend as much time as possible with your kids and make sure they are adequately and safely entertained, then we’ve got just the right activities for you.

This is why we’ve gathered this list for you of the 15 best kite crafts that you can do along with your children.

Best Kite Crafts For Kids

These kite crafts are very fun for both the parents and the kid, and are very safe for everyone in the family. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and read along to find out all about these craft ideas that you can do with the kids.

Drinking Straws Kite Craft

Best Kite Crafts For Kids

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If you ever end up at a summer party and are out of ideas, try this amazing, yet very easy to make drinking straws kite. Not only is it fun to play with, but you can include all the kids in the process of making it.

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Water Color Kite

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These water coloring techniques are really easy and will help you make a very cool water color kite.

You can let your kids be in charge of the whole creative process in order to really see what their imagination is capable of. You never know when the world will discover its next Leonardo Da Vinci.

After everything is done, these water color kites can be used for decoration all over the house, it is something to brag about really especially if your kids turn out to be very active in their imagination.

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Mini Paper Kites

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The fact these kites are so small makes them very good and useful if you want them to fly really high in the sky with only the use of little air and wind.

They are very simple to make, and won’t take you any longer than a couple hours with your favorite kids in the world.

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Pasta Noodle Kite

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You’ve got some pasta lying around the house? Good. Let’s make some use of that!

This craft includes pasta bowtie as they are just perfect for this kind of craft.

You can count on these past bowties to make you a very small, yet properly working kite. The process of making this craft can include everyone, including children as little as 3 years old.

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Lunch Sack Kite

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We all have a ton of lunch sacks at home that we aren’t making any good use of, not anymore with this amazing craft idea.

Grab a brown lunch sack you’ve got lying around, let the kids decorate it however they like.

You can let them use markers, glitter, stickers (as long as they’re not heavy), or basically anything they’ve got in mind that won’t add too much weight to the kite. And now, it’s time to let them have as much fun as they can, and you can join them too!

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Kite with Streamers

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This is one of the craft ideas that you as a parent can just be a part of by watching. Yes, your kids can do this all on their own.

Let them attach some streamers to the bottom of a kite, something that will very much help the kite fly through the air. And voila, watch them go wild!

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Stained Glass Kite

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This one is more for decoration than it is actually for flying it around.

This kite can look very good and will do wonders to your window if you hang it there. The kids should be allowed to decorate their own kites to make sure they are being independently creative.

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Plastic Bag Kite

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This craft idea is the easiest on the list because it uses very available and inexpensive material, and takes absolutely no time whatsoever.

This is also an environment-friendly craft since you’ll be recycling your plastic bags at home.

Attach a couple strings to the handles of the plastic bags, and let your kids run with it in the backyard.

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Simple Personalized Kite

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The following tutorial will teach you exactly how you can make this incredibly easy and lightweight kite.

It only needs a slight breeze for it to start making its way in the air. The kid will definitely love this since it has the most potential in the sky.

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Rainbow Windsock

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If you’d like to try something new and different, and make sure you’ve got something to gaze at for a long time, then this is the idea to go for. By doing this, your kids are enjoying their time, and your backyard is getting a permanent decoration which the wind will blow at and move at every direction.

You’ll need a few streamers to hang to the bottom of the kite as you can see in the picture above, and the rest will be just material from around the house. You won’t even have to buy anything.

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Cupcake Liner Kite Craft

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Making this craft won’t take neither much time nor energy, and the kids can even do it on their own, all they will need is your support and a little help here and there to make sure everything is going well.

You can find a very detailed instructions page here that will guide you from start to finish.

All this kite craft takes is a little folding and sticking things together and then you are all done for the day. What’s most important about this, of course, is making sure the kids are feeling in charge and being as creatively free as possible.

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Spring Kite Craft

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Whether it is spring or not, this kite craft idea is really fun and easy to make, and I guarantee your kids will love it. What’s special about this one is that it requires the use of playdough and popsicles.

You will also need some paper straws, and card stock for you to be all good! The kids should then make a few patterns to make sure everything is looking good.

When done, these designs can be hanged either on your kid’s bedroom wall, door, or you can even hang them in the kitchen fir everyone to see.

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Windy Day Kite

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If there is any wind in your area whatsoever, then it is already the perfect time you made this kite craft. The reason behind that is because this kite is just perfect for windy days.

The streamers attached to it will fly smoothly with the help of the wind and will look pretty cool, especially to the kids.

The tutorial to make this is very straight forward and will leave no room to get lost! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start having as much fun with your kids as possible.

If you’ve got kids as young as 3 years old, they can too participate in the making of this kite, but they shouldn’t be left alone.

Kids who are a little older than that can be instructed and given autonomy in the whole process of making the kite. You should also allow them to decorate it if they want, as it will be a lot of fun for them.

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Paper Plate Kite

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Although there aren’t that many kites that are built using paper plates, it still is a great idea since these plates are so lightweight that the wind can push them around however it wishes.

The plate, along with the streamers attached to it look very cool in the sky, especially if the winds are strong enough to support it up there.

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Paper Kite

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If you want something that looks completely different and unorthodox, then this is exactly the kite craft for you to go with.

These kites really work and do fly in the sky even though they look like there is no chance they would, isn’t that so cool? We have to admit, these kites do take some work and time, but the final result makes it all worth it. You’ll need some basic supplies that are easy to find everywhere, and are also very cheap, so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to material. Find the detailed tutorial on Pink Stripey Socks!

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We hope that you liked our list of Kite craft ideas! They are very easy to make and take no time at all, so go ahead and enjoy your afternoon with the kids and make sure they have more fun than you do!

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